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  1. Sash says

    Instagram is such a asshole! I see black creatives talking about it all the time. I’m sorry this happened to you. I resorted to turning post notifications onnnnnn!!!!! This is something I started doing when I notified I wouldn’t see my faves! Like ever, ya’ll disappear in thin air and I have to physical search your pages to keep up to date. I get but we’ll come over here just the same.

    PS………. I’m here for Twitter Lmaoo bring it to Twitter

  2. Mich says

    Been seeing more and more black content creators being back benched because of simple things. Not sure why it’s happening but you are right we have a new gatekeeper and silently we have all handed them the power not realizing the danger.

  3. Trudy says

    Agree! Another guy I follow posted a screenshot of his car tyres and added the caption ‘hi to my ladies with 5 nails in their tires’ joking that his female fren doesnt get her tires maintained and they deleted his post as hate speech…social media is being underestimated but the balance of power is shifting so they have to find another way to control ppl

    • LaurenOLauren says

      It’s crazy I don’t know what’s going on but I think we need to open our eyes before it’s too late. These mew gate keepers are a lot more powerful than the tv networks we grew up watching. They know everything about us.

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