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  1. Takisha Barnes says

    Love how candid you are… I am very proud of how direct and logical you are. I learn so much from your stories. Keep being you!

  2. SuavÉ says

    I am no where near to being married but this post was everything! When I first read I was like is she preparing for the end of her marriage already? But then I tried to view it from another perspective and you know what, no grown ass person wants to feel guilty about spending their own hard earned money nor have a spouse that is a leech. She said what she said lol

    • LaurenOLauren says

      hahahahah already girl, it’s been seven years lol. But no I get you. Money gets complicated in a relationship especially when one person is making all of it.

  3. Joel says

    If I love you one more time! All facts… When I tell people that even if it is 10 dollars to my name, I want a prenup… they dont get it. I see and know my value (my future will be all I want it to be) and my head was thrown out the clouds along time ago so on that note, I see no fairtales, only that the world nuh level and people will always be people first- flawed my nature.

    • LaurenOLauren says

      Amen, amen girl. I tweeted a few weeks ago that I had no problem signing a prenup if I married a man with an obscene amount of money, im not going to be lying down in that relationship. I’ll sign ten prenups.

  4. Nace says

    I’m in total agreement with you Lauren, my husband and I shared an account for things like vacation, bills, things like that, but I also have my separate account and he does too. More than one actually.

    My money is definitely my money and his is his, but I’m still spending some of his lol.
    Like you said ” I dont want no body telling me how and when to spend it “.
    No fairytale bullshit, I’m a realist and you are right, things and people change.
    Secure your own bag.
    Xoxo 😊

    • LaurenOLauren says

      I like the idea of having an account for vacations. y’all putting me on I never even thought about this, Brilliant.

  5. SAMBam says

    Great article and awesome advice…..Perfect timing too (I needed it)….. I am definitely going to putting my oxygen mask first!!!! Take care of you because no one else will. So proud of the woman you’ve become.

    • LaurenOLauren says

      Thank you so much babe, I appreciate you!!!!! and Yes put your mask on first, or you’ll die putting someone else’s on.

  6. Diandra L says

    Completely agree. Even though we have 1 joint account, we both have several personal SEPARATE accounts so in the event sumn happens, I can leave WITH my kids, and take care of them perfectly fine. But I will always say yes when he asks if I want to get my nails done, or a new pair of shoes lol

    • LaurenOLauren says

      I really like this idea, the separate accounts for different things, ooooh girl im gonna copy this. This is genius sis!!!!

  7. Natz says

    In total agreement. Just makes for less money issues and arguments. Plus I work too damn hard for my money to let anyone take it or tell me how to spend it. But I still want a very generous man in my life!

  8. Charnele says

    We all ride different. I asked someone this just yesterday. I recently moved and they were HOUNDING me about if I knew any place for rent (asking for a friend). So I asked, did you go this hard for me when I told you I needed to move? I think not. My conclusion was my version of going hard and theirs wasnt the same which is why I always look out for me FIRST. I am my own priority.

    • LaurenOLauren says

      Yup, happens to me a lot too. We all ride different, you just can’t put yourself out of your way too much for others all the time. A few times is ok but too many times makes you a fool.

  9. jovani babi says

    I love this because I see this too often. They come on social media about my man has this my man has that so what you have if he leaves your ass? I do the same been married 8 years now. His money is his money and mines is mines. When he short on bills now then I start to ask questions until then we good. But like you said if he giving dont refuse.😁😁

    • LaurenOLauren says

      Girl too many girls get it wrong, they marry into money but never make any of their own. The relationship might not always end, but when you dont earn it sometimes you’re held hostage in a shit relationship because of it.

  10. Nesha says

    I agree wholeheartedly, we can help each other out of course but let’s save the mergers and the policing. As long as all the Bills are paid we both happy then all is well with the world
    Learnt that lesson the hard way too sis

    • LaurenOLauren says

      Facts, all facts. Bills paid and that’s all that matters. Im a grown ass woman with a job and you’re a grown man

  11. Shanizzle says

    I agree. I am a legal secretary and trust me this is a common mistake ladies make. If and when they are separated the issue of ‘who did what and earn this’ is always a problem. I believe in I have my stuff and you have yours

    • LaurenOLauren says

      Can you preach. It’s too messy when there is a split.Even when there isn’t a split one of the main reasons couples argue is money. Then that arguing leads to a divorce money is a messy thing.

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