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  1. Fiona says

    Oh my god I’m obsessed with you. That’s exactly what I said. She had an agenda it hadn’t been a week after he passed when she got the cameras and her clipboard ready to tarnish this man’s name but iy certainly has been 17 years since that case so why now ???

    • Clarkelove7 says

      That’s what upset me the most like Kobe has been alive so long after, but now that he’s dead you all have the strength to go after him. Come one im not buying it

    • Suzan Black says

      Well written! Black people are always put on blasts, about us not liking each other. I too do believe that we too should be able to date outside our race without it being seen as a “hate crime”. It doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. What we need to do however, is to respect each other’s differences and when one of us does something to hurt or speak ill of another, then it shouldn’t be a problem if that person is called out on their wrong and asked to do better.

      • Clarkelove7 says

        EXACTLY!!!! I dont know why they made it about race it wasn’t about race, GAYLE Needs to apologize to the family. I feel like American media think they are entitled to certain things and they really aren’t. The media in this country is the reason why people can’t be civil towards each other. They report on the negative day and night, yet nobody is bother Harvey Weinstein’s guilty little self. ughhhhh

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