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  1. Sashafierce says

    Gurrll, i totally understand this feeling.
    Irrespective of my accomplishments i sometimes feel dumb, or unworthy of them. I belittle what i have achieved.
    I am happily married with kids but i consider that as just luck. I recently read for a LLB didnt get the 1st class i wanted and sometimes i have to be convincing myself that i am NOT dumb. I attribute this insecurity to how i was grown. My mom negatively encouraged me. I was told i was dumb so i would work harder, that sort of thing, so i always had to fight doubly hard to be happy and to be successful. I had to overcome the hurdle of telling myself i am not dumb and then try to motivate myself to believe in me.
    So though i am blessed i often feel like i am unworthy or i havenot done well enough. Sighs!! That was good therapy. 🙃😹

    • Clarkelove7 says

      I can totally relate to everything you’re saying. My mom did the same to me. I think a lot of us from Jamaica had this problem and then we become adults and find it hard to feel like we’ve ever done anything manful with our lives. The struggle.

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