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  1. Shantel sue says

    Hey Lauren 👋🏼.. big fan btw
    I think that person means that most marriages not working out nowadays as to why he/she said it’s just a piece of paper. I am 23 not married hoping too one day. But I see it as something scary these days.. people don’t know what love and commitment is. Not willing to make the necessary sacrifices,full of ego, with this new technology now, things crazy. But I am hoping it will change and I will find a decent god fearing man to call husband. God bless u and baba 🙂❤️

    • Clarkelove7 says

      I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said, EGO kills more relationships that it ever brought together. Social media has made it that much harder for people to connect on a human level. I always tell people stop looking for the perfect person and become exactly what you want, the right person will come and you’re still very young.

  2. Makeeda says

    Marriage is definitely not a piece of paper. If you marry the wrong person it can break you in ways you can never imagine and on the flip side if you marry the right person you’ll discover things you never think you would. Blessings 💐

  3. Talika Holleman says

    MY husband and I are no longer together at the moment… I still have access to what he Google’s… He was looking at Is marriage just a piece of paper… To me its not a piece of paper it a sacred vow that we both committed …. We I see that it makes me furious….

  4. Sashafierce says

    My understanding of marriage is ‘just a piece of paper’ is that some people cohabit, buy a house, have kids, have joint accounts pretty much do the same things as married people. In that light all that the certificate does is to formally acknowledge that already established union. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Clarkelove7 says

      My Blog post is not to criticize anyone who does not want to get married its aimed at people who want to get married but they might have a partner who says it’s a piece of paper or people who are in a marriage and say that. For me personally its not just a piece of paper and I am not living with a man and doing all the traditional roles and baring a child and not be married to that man. If we’re going to do traditional things, I want your traditional last name. That’s not to say I judge people who don’t want to get married everyone can do whatever they want. I just find marriage is easier for the way I want to structure my family and grow my kids.

      • Zeno says

        Came to enforce my belief that it’s just a piece of paper and thanks to you, it got stronger. All the things that you mentioned are totally useless. One thing I do agree with you on is that that piece of paper does protect the children’s rights and hence it’s a necessary evil that has to be endured. Also, the very first line that you wrote that if you file a divorce, you’ll be on your husband’s ass for alimony and everything that you can get your hands on, shows the disgusting level of self entitlement and misandry you have. You look like a Karen and believe it or not but movements like MGTOW are in place due to your self entitled feminist asses Lol 😂😂

        • LaurenOLauren says

          Shut the fuck you stupid son of a bitch!!! This is my blog not Instagram I manage the comments around here. Go suck on a dick and choke!!!!

  5. melissa says

    Hello, found this blog because I had to google, “marriage is just a piece of paper” because my boyfriend of 8 months said it to me last night. I was floored and felt such sadness. We are both divorced which is maybe why he has this attitude. I just wasn’t sure what to say in response. What I did say was that to me, while technically it is just a piece of paper, it carries with it an incredible amount of conditions and represents much more than just a union between two people. There are many implied conditions that come with that piece of paper that are each must uphold. I ended the conversation because I didn’t want to debate what he was feeling nor try to change his mind. I will search for more information so that I can articulate it properly. I’m just really sad.

    • YY says

      My partner wanted to part and one of the reasons was because he felt we had different views in life. He is a divorcee too and didn’t feel a need to be married unless we have a child. Are you still with your boyfriend now? Did his views change?

  6. T says

    Literally not one single thing you listed requires being married to do. This is very much a strong argument for why it IS just a piece of paper. Because every single thing you listed about how much of a commitment it is can be done with or without that piece of paper. Thus, truly, the only changed thing is the piece of paper.

    • Tami Bell says

      So what happens then if you pass away or are in the hospital and you need oxigen? Unless you have a signed pice of paper showing that you inface have the right then the only person that has now access to is your child or your family and not the other half. Thought I’d put that out there.

    • LaurenOLauren says

      This is my blog and my personal opinion if you want to live your life and not get married then don’t. My pussy wasn’t designed to carry a child for a man I wasn’t married to.

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