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  1. Van says

    Lauren thanks for the honesty with this post. In my post partum body I do not recognize myself. It has been hard.

    I had tried the fasting approach although not for 1 whole day and I definitely noticed a difference. I have been toying with giving up meat. When you fast, do you allow yourself crackers? Or do you just stick to liquids?

    • Clarkelove7 says

      There aren’t any real rules to fasting. When I fast I eat only what I burn if that makes sense. So lets say I went to the gym and burned 300 calories, that’s all I’m eating for the day or a little bit less. So yes you can have crackers, tea and if you want just liquids. Just not meals if that makes sense. Do what works but don’t kill yourself. Thanks for the support love, I wish you all the best and stop being hard on yourself.

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