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Ok I’m gonna Try a New 21 Day Challenge – No Music, No TV etc.

August 15, 2018

LOVE BUNNIES!!! I’m doing a new challenge and I’m hoping you will join me well if you want to. I…

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It Starts With Confidence in Yourself – (Inspiration Mondays)

August 13, 2018

Today’s blog is inspired by my favorite pair of jeans, which I am wearing in this post and will list…

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The Unseen Struggle – Inspiration Mondays (Late Post)

August 11, 2018

I just want to say this before I get into the meat (or Tofu) of this post that, you can…

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Mid Town, San Jose

🥂🥂🥂 Minimal Brunch Date Attire 🥂🥂🥂🥂

August 5, 2018

I think it’s very clear at this point that my style over the years has  completely  changed. Back in my…

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San Jose, California

If I could Write My Own Legacy

July 30, 2018

So Im currently reading this amazing book, which if you follow me on Instagram you should know what book  it…

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Get My Masters Degree & Earn 90 Cents More …….??

July 24, 2018

I’m slightly annoyed at recruiters, well not slightly I’m really annoyed at recruiters and I wanted to get my thoughts…

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