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What Every Business Woman Needs But Never Thinks About!!

November 27, 2017

Welcome to part three of Inspiration Mondays, this post is going up a bit late because I am extremely sick.  Im literally sitting at my computer dying and typing at…

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Have a Relationship: Don’t Become a Relationship. “Girl Talk pt 3”

November 26, 2017

ok, so I unfollowed this girl I know from my previous job before I moved.  I really like her I think she’s mad cool but something happened about a year…

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[ath-lee-zher, ‐lezh-er] – ATHLEISURE

November 22, 2017

If you were here Monday (see post here)  you already know about these track pants being featured in today’s post.  These MKNE Stiletto track pants are every IT girls favorite…

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Girl Bosses I follow On Instagram – @KimpossibleWaterhouse

November 20, 2017

It’s MONDAY!!!!! you already know every Monday you’re gonna come here and be inspired by some “Bossed Up” women.  What a time to be alive we live in the generation…

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