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Husband vs Boyfriends, These Are The Rules EP 2 Is Live.

January 14, 2019

Hey everyone it is here a little late but, better late than never.  I had hoped by now I would have figured out iTunes, using Blubrry and RSS feeds but I still haven’t. I spend most of my time surfing the internet and youtube watching all the videos but still end up lost and confused, this one has proven the hardest yet but I will master it.  In my second podcast I wanted to tackle something that I think I talk about everyday, dating.

It feels like women are constantly auditioning for marriage and men are on some type of imaginary reality show wading through a sea of women looking for the right one to give a rose. So I wanted to know how we felt about boyfriends and husbands and what benefits we considered worthy of each title. It is uploaded to Soundcloud and you do not need the app to listen or even need a subscription, just click the link and anyone can listen to it. Thanks so much for the continued support, enjoy.


xoxo LaurenOLauren

These Are The Rules Podcast

These Are The Rules Podcast Episode One is here!!

December 25, 2018

Still working out the kinks of this very brand new podcasting life, that I am excited to embark on  bare with me as we figure this out together. I wanted to jump right into todays topic and give you a brief summary of my first episode.  If you watch my vlogs you would have already known, that I tend to rant a lot, yes I admit I’m a ranter. I use the term ranter loosely because I’m not just mindlessly cussing. Typically my rants have a moral and and can be a great lesson for anyone watching.  I have been blogging for years but I realize it was easier for my followers to digest information in a video format as no one really has the time to do much reading these days. That’s when the idea of a bi-weekly podcast came to me. When I mentioned it in a Vlog many of you agreed, my first podcast should have been released weeks ago but a few hiccups got in the way. Continue Reading