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Rainy Day Photoshoots, Mini Lookbook

May 18, 2017

A friend of mine who is also a Photography major asked me to pose for some pictures for her recently. Being the camera whore I am, I said yes, it was a rainy overcast day but it was perfect for a cozy coffee house photoshoot. She has a lot of talent and she’s only going to get better you should definitely check out her work, Continue Reading

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Stopped Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar & Started Eating Meat Occasionally

May 15, 2017

Today I ran to the supermarket after the gym, I had an epiphany and I needed to get my diet back on track.  When I say diet I don’t mean I’m trying to lose weight, I simply mean the way I eat.  I went to the supermarket and while I was walking around picking up my groceries that specifically read Non- GMO, Organic, No preservatives and things of that nature a woman caught my attention.  She was in the isle I was trying to get into, she was a very large woman. Continue Reading

Fashion & Style

The Denim Skirt

May 12, 2017

I have a love hate relationship with denim skirts, when I was in high school we weren’t allowed to wear denim skirts unless they were past our knees, boxy and ugly. If we ever attempted to wear form fitting denim skirts, I’m sure the super religious teachers at my school would try to cast the devil out of us.  Then I went through the short denim skirt phase, where no skirt was short enough so I cut them all, the shorter the better right. Then after I hit twenty one Continue Reading

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My favorite Jeans Like EVER – A list of where I get my denim

April 26, 2017

I posted myself wearing a pair of jeans yesterday to my snapchat and someone asked me where do I get my jeans, they fit me so well and she just couldn’t find really nice jeans. So of course I decided I would blog it since I think others out there could use this amazing information too. When I was stick skinny back seven years ago I used to love getting my jeans from Forever 21, but as I have developed a bit in the past couple of years F21 just doesn’t work on my body’s proportions anymore. Continue Reading

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How To Dress Up For School, Without being Overdressed.

April 10, 2017

What about those days when you feel like not wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt to school, what should you wear?  The weather has started to ease up a little and it’s not longer freezing to the touch outside. It’s still a little chilly but nothing compared to what it used to be, Spring is here setting the table for Summer. I wore this little tent dress I’ve had since last September, Continue Reading

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Afros & Denim 90’s Flashback

April 3, 2017

I am obsessed with this look, oh my GAD I could dress like this everyday. Took a big risk and blowed my hair out, it wasn’t completely dry and it was cold and there was so much humidity that day but you can’t really tell can you. I also did a look book on this on my youtube channel with more details on the pieces for you to go through, Continue Reading