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Fifty Shades Darker is Pure Hype in my opinion

March 21, 2017

So I went to watch 50 Shades Darker with two of my girlfriends,

And to say I was disappointed wouldn’t even be accurate. When the books were released and everyone was reading them, I a self proclaimed book critic and connoisseur did not read any of them. I was told it was a book about a man who finds a virgin and is obsessed with having dominatrix type of sex with her, I thought to myself I’ve read this before I don’t need to read this. Continue Reading


#WomensMarch2017 – A Letter To Nay Sayers

January 22, 2017

Society is so used to putting women against each other, so quick are they to support us fighting and bashing each other for entertainment purposes.  That when we came together for something good it confused too many people.  I decided to go to the march at the very last minute.  I did my research  and decided I was definitely going to be there.  In the end it was an amazing eye opening experience, going to that march will definitely be one of the biggest highlights of  my 2017 experience. Continue Reading


Letting the world dictate me to me…..

December 9, 2016

LaurenOLaurenFor a very long time I think I convinced myself that I was confident and I was not afraid. However  I was far from confident, I realize that now. Most of my life has been spent being not enough, some of you might not understand what I mean by that. The glass is either half full or half empty, I was that dam glass for most of my life, I was never full and depending on who was looking at me I was either a positive or a negative.  Continue Reading


Final Thoughts on My Mexican Vacation

December 6, 2016


Mexico without a doubt is a beautiful place with beautiful people. We did have a really good time, the alcohol laws were a bit different in Mexico for me as a Jamaican it was normal but for my husband it was a big deal. He had heard me talk about all inclusive parties and everyone dancing and a party feeling like a party but he never experienced it, mind you this wasn’t Jamaica. Continue Reading