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Good Advice

You Want Them To Say You’re Crazy!!!

May 11, 2017

I read or heard this somewhere a long time ago, if you have an idea and everyone likes it go back to the drawing board.  Great ideas have this way of making the people who hear them question your sanity.  You have to have a lot of people trying to convince you not to do it or it’s not that good. I listened for the hundredth time to speech given by Empire’s Tariji P Henson Continue Reading

Good Advice

Is That You’re Insecurity or Mine?

March 23, 2017

So today again I was talking with some people about random shit, when I told someone in my group that I was relocating soon and their immediate response to me was “It’s very expensive to live there”. I shrugged and said that’s fine, then he said your husband would have to be making XXX  a year and again I shrugged.  I wanted to blog this because the entire situation made me laugh, this person doesn’t know anything about my finances, Continue Reading

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The fine line between Hype and Progress.

February 21, 2017

So I was having a conversation with an old friend yesterday who I haven’t talked to in years, isn’t that how it always starts. I was talking to my old friend about possibly going forward with my Masters degree after I finish my Bachelors in December, “I wanna see how far I can go you know” I told him.  His response to my statement was a very nonchalant Continue Reading

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History is full outcasts and misfits.

January 16, 2017

From Rudolph the red nose reindeer all the way through to Jesus Christ,  history books are full of misfits and outliers.  The people on the side of the majority never made history, why would they?  History is made by taking risks, if you’ve never taken a risk do you even deserve to be apart of it. If you played it safe the entire time and went along with what everyone else said. Then you didn’t do your part to be apart of history. Continue Reading

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17 in 2017 Book Reading Challenge

January 5, 2017


Source- Tumblr

My good friend Kyle tweeted to me the other day about a reading challenge, and it gave me this brilliant idea.  I have been slacking on my reading mainly because I’ve been so busy, but not this year I’m attacking these books like my life depended on it. Continue Reading

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Don’t Feel Bad For Making New Years Resolutions

January 3, 2017

Source – Tumblr

Its 2017, I don’t know about anybody else but I love a new year. Im always reeling with happiness from the Christmas season and still floating on the wings of my birthday being as Christmas and my birthday fall in the same month.

This year if you guys have been casually scrolling through social media as much as I have.  You would have noticed all those sarcastic quotes from people who are annoyed with people who make new year resolutions.  So many people were writing posts criticizing people who were waiting for the new year to “cut off” bad people and  bad habits.

Personally I believe in setting goals regardless of it being a new year or not. The reason why New Year resolutions got so popular and ever became a thing was because the start of a new year has always felt like we’re walking away from a time period that we were just apart of. That sentence might not make any sense, I’m trying not to sound cliche and trying to sound original at the same time, probably didn’t work.

I encourage you to make New Year resolutions if you want to, you don’t have to stick to them and you can totally disregard them next week. There I absolutely nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to reflect of somethings you would like to change or continue.  But do you know what I’m doing this year and keeping it at the front of my agenda so I can see it every time I open it. Im making a list of things that happened last year that were pretty amazing, things that I felt were personal break throughs. One of my ex boyfriends from a hundred years ago reached out and apologized and even though I still hate him I’m glad he did, because I needed to know that he was aware that he hurt me.  2016 was full of highs and lows for me, when it was high it was very high and when it was low, I was t he lowest.  Overall it was a pretty amazing year looking back and I’m closer to finishing my degree.

So here is to 2017  love bunnies, to more blogs more videos and more giveaways.  I wish for you more friendships, peace of mind and the power of will to go after what you want.

xoxo LaurenOLauren