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Pinterest is a mashup of everything I need in Life ❤️

April 13, 2017

If you aren’t following me on Pinterest you should be, also all the images on this site are Pin ready so pin whatever you want.  I love Pinterest before I go about any idea or if I’m looking for information about anything I go to Pinterest, I love Tumblr too but I find there are way more ideas on Pinterest. My favorite thing to “research”
on Pinterest would be hair and outfit inspiration and every so often I look for decor ideas also. Which I will be doing again soon as I intend to change up my bedroom one more time before Summer gets here I like to keep things fresh.

Pinterest is so amazing I remember when I first got introduced to it by my friend Ria, I thought it was so stupid. Let me also note that I also thought Youtube was stupid, and here we all are today. Obviously I don’t have an eye for genius, obviously. Continue Reading


Decorating Your First Apartment

September 13, 2016

LaurenOLaurenLove Bunnies it’s been a minute since I did anything decor related.  I wanted to do this for anyone moving into a new space, their first apartment, college dorm or just anyone who wants to switch things up in a space they’ve gotten tired of. Continue Reading