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Style Doesn’t Need To BE Expensive – FemmeLuxe Collab

January 28, 2019

How excited am I that I got to do this collage with Femmeluxe Finery. I got to check out their women’s dresses section and fell in  love with everything on their site. Ok the truth is I love wearing black, white and grey.  I have recently ventured off into brown and I don’t know what took me so long. I honestly feel that if I stick to darker colors even when I’m buying trendy more affordable pieces, I can get way more bang for my buck.   Continue Reading


The Secret of Making Every Outfit Incredible

January 22, 2019

Have you ever seen a girl in your local town who is wearing an outfit similar to one you have? Have you ever wondered why she looks great in her but on you it looks plain and ordinary? It is nothing to do with designer brands; it has nothing to do with hers and your figure. It is all down to wearing the right accessories, which can change a boring outfit into something stunning. This is an art that some lucky people have perfected, and others still need to grasp. Continue Reading


Freeing Yourself Up: Discovering Your Own Fashion Style And Following It

January 21, 2019

While fashion trends come and go, when we are looking for some sort of inspiration to improve our style, we are neglecting one simple thing. We need to embrace our own style, nobody else’s! And while it’s intimidating to forge your own path, rather than follow the herd, dressing the way we want can free us up in so many ways. So how can we discover our own fashion style, and make the most of it? Continue Reading

Travel & Reviews

Six Ways To Save Money While You Travel

January 17, 2019

Traveling is pretty much the biggest adventure that anyone can choose to go on. Packing a bag and roaming the many countries and cities that our world has to offer is a privilege, and if you are going to be in on that privilege, then it stands to reason that you should learn as much as possible about how to keep your travels cheap. Most people love the idea of a vacation of luxury. One where you don’t pinch the pennies and count every cent – wouldn’t we all?! However, life isn’t always like that, and if you want to budget for your adventure and keep yourself afloat while you see the world, then you need to get conservative with your cash. We’re going to take a look at six ways that you can cut down your costs and save a little dough while you travel, so that you can keep chasing that horizon. Continue Reading

Girl Talk These Are The Rules Podcast

Husband vs Boyfriends, These Are The Rules EP 2 Is Live.

January 14, 2019

Hey everyone it is here a little late but, better late than never.  I had hoped by now I would have figured out iTunes, using Blubrry and RSS feeds but I still haven’t. I spend most of my time surfing the internet and youtube watching all the videos but still end up lost and confused, this one has proven the hardest yet but I will master it.  In my second podcast I wanted to tackle something that I think I talk about everyday, dating.

It feels like women are constantly auditioning for marriage and men are on some type of imaginary reality show wading through a sea of women looking for the right one to give a rose. So I wanted to know how we felt about boyfriends and husbands and what benefits we considered worthy of each title. It is uploaded to Soundcloud and you do not need the app to listen or even need a subscription, just click the link and anyone can listen to it. Thanks so much for the continued support, enjoy.


xoxo LaurenOLauren

Travel & Reviews

Five of the Best Cities To Visit in Florida

December 26, 2018

If you think about Florida then most people think of the sunshine, the beaches, and the theme parks. But there is much more to Florida than just Orlando; the sunshine state does offer a variety of different cities that are all offering something completely different. There are so many beaches to choose from, luxury stores and boutiques, as well as national parks and other stunning things to see. So here is a quick break down of some of the top cities to visit in Florida; if haven’t been to any of them before, even if you have.


Ok, so while there are plenty of other cities that are worth visiting, Orlando is still one of the top choices. There are theme parks and waterparks of all different varieties to choose from, as well as good shopping malls, discount malls, and plenty of great restaurants. The only thing is that it is pretty heavy with tourists, so that is something to bear in mind.


Obviously I have a soft spot for Miami, that was my scene for so many years.  I met my husband in Miami six birthdays ago, it’s perfect for a girls weekend or couples Get away. Located in the south of the state, Miami is another popular spot with tourists and locals alike. It has some really stunning beaches, as well as a pretty vibrant nightlife scene. It is quite a trendy city too, with a funky art-deco scene as well as great street food. The city is also made up of a few smaller neighborhoods such as Little Haiti and Little Havana if you are after some Caribbean flair, or the Overtown neighborhood that is rich in its African-American history, with good music and soul food.


Over on the west, Tampa is one of the biggest cities out there. Tampa is a pretty popular spot with families due to the abundance of wildlife in the area, as well as the Busch Gardens park, aquarium, and Tampa Zoo. It is a pretty busy and bustling city, so staying out in the suburb areas or looking for lodging in Plant City, Florida could be a good idea. Then it is just a short drive to the attractions. Tampa also has a large latin community that is really evident through the food and many restaurants in the city.

St. Petersburg

Near to Tampa is St. Petersburg and the Clearwater area of Florida. It is the perfect area to escape the cold winter weather, as it is has an amazing climate all year round. As a result, you can just imagine the things that there are to see and do in this area. The beaches are some of the best,with St. Pete beach being one of the most popular. Make sure that you are there early for parking, otherwise it can be pretty tricky.


The main claim to fame in Daytona is the Nascar Race that happens each February. But there is still enough to do and see the rest of the months. It has been a pretty popular spot for spring break in recent years, but is getting more popular with families because of ore attractions in the area, like the pier and the museums.

These Are The Rules Podcast

These Are The Rules Podcast Episode One is here!!

December 25, 2018

Still working out the kinks of this very brand new podcasting life, that I am excited to embark on  bare with me as we figure this out together. I wanted to jump right into todays topic and give you a brief summary of my first episode.  If you watch my vlogs you would have already known, that I tend to rant a lot, yes I admit I’m a ranter. I use the term ranter loosely because I’m not just mindlessly cussing. Typically my rants have a moral and and can be a great lesson for anyone watching.  I have been blogging for years but I realize it was easier for my followers to digest information in a video format as no one really has the time to do much reading these days. That’s when the idea of a bi-weekly podcast came to me. When I mentioned it in a Vlog many of you agreed, my first podcast should have been released weeks ago but a few hiccups got in the way. Continue Reading

Girl Talk Inspiration

10 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season & Beyond

November 25, 2018

In a world where most things in life aren’t free, it can be much harder to save money than it can to spend it. So if you’re saving for a holiday, a wedding or even to pay an upcoming bill, it’s handy to know a few ways that you can save money.


Try Switching Utility Companies

Whether it was one that was recommended by a friend or family member or a suggestion from the landlord, the utility company you are with might not be the best one for your bank account. Look at how much you’re spending each month and how much energy you are using up. Get in touch with other providers and see if what you’re currently paying can be reduced with them. Like the banks, utility companies are after their competitor’s customers so if they have an opportunity to take you away from them, and they are likely to offer a very attractive deal.

Get A Better Phone Deal

Mobile phone contracts tend to eat up a big chunk of your monthly wages so when your phone is next due up for renewal, try reducing the cost or if the phone you have currently is still in good working use, switch over to a SIM-only deal. These are much cheaper and better value for money than contracts are. Contracts will charge you interest so you can end up paying hundreds more over the actual value of the phone. I don’t have a contract phone I buy my phones cash and have a prepaid SIM, best decision ever made. Coming from Jamaica that’s what Im used to doing. The whole idea of the contract system to me seemed so unreasonable I’m surprised people still do it.

If you’re paying for a phone using a loan, transfer this debt onto your credit so you boost your credit rating and have all your debt in one place. It’s very beneficial and you can learn more about this topic here.

Save Money On Food

There’s a number of ways that you can save money on food as the weekly shop can get quite pricey. Here are a few suggestions to cut down on costs:


  • Try a food subscription service. You pay a set fee each week, and usually, you’ll get recipes to follow which are different each week. You’ll save more money and likely waste a lot less in terms of food.
  • Buy in bulk when items you regularly pick are reduced. Toothpaste, toilet roll, etc are all things you’re always going to need so if there’s a nice discount going, buy a few to save you some money in the long run.
  • Buy own branded food because it tends to be a lot cheaper than branded food and there’s very little difference in taste when you compare it.



Set A Budget Each Month For Socialising

It’s great to go out and spend time with friends but we normally do this in a bar or restaurant environment, which will all know is where we can end up spending a lot of money. It might be helpful, if you do have a very active social life, to set a budget each month and if you exceed that budget, then make alternative arrangements to either have dinner at one of your homes or go out to the park or do some sort of free activity. If that’s sometimes not possible, then restrict the amount you drink or eat and don’t get pulled into paying for a three-course meal. Splitting the bill straight down the middle when your friend has had more drinks than you is also unfair so stick to your guns and pay for just yourself.

Cancel Memberships

We very easily sign up or different things such as gym membership and loyalty cards, but they can end up sucking more money from our wallets. Over time we forget just how much it takes out of paycheck so access all of the memberships you have that are costing you money and check if they’re still worth paying for. If you don’t go to the gym every month, then you might want to opt to do pay as you go or at least freezing your membership every other month to save a bit of money. Food and drink subscriptions can be great for saving money, but if it’s not making a difference in the money you’re still spending outside of it, then it’s probably not doing you any favors.

Clear Out Your Clutter And Sell It

As we collect stuff over the years, a lot of it might not even be of any use anymore and is just taking up space in your home. When you next have a declutter, any clothes, home decor, books, CDs and tech gadgets can be sold on to make a small profit. Most sites will take anything, including eBay as one suggestion.

For your tech gadgets, they’ll also take anything that may be in bad condition or on some occasions broken. It’s better for the environment that they take it and pay you, rather than you chucking it out. So get hunting for all those mobile phones you have lying about the place.

Take Advantage Of Coupons and Discounts

There is a wealth of coupons and discounts available online and in magazines or newspapers so whenever you see them, cut them out and keep them in the kitchen or by the door. Even if some of them aren’t going to be used, you never know what you might need to go out and buy. Sign up to any companies newsletters that you buy from often to keep updated on any discount deals they do throughout the year. We can usually miss out on these if we don’t keep tabs on them. It does mean though that you’ll get a lot more emails…

Get Cashback For Shopping Online

You can now earn cashback on certain sites when shopping online. So if you are a regular for online shopping, this will be a great way of saving some cash on your purchases. Sites like Quidco are great for alerting you on a website that offers cashback so you can feel less guilty about spending, particularly over the festive season.

We can all save money somewhere in our spending so if you need to save then try out some of these tips. You may be surprised by how much you save.


xoxo Lauren