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These Are The Rules EP 5 with Shana From All Dolled Up

March 28, 2019

Love Bunnies, I got the chance to talk to Shana from All Dolled Up Cosmetics, I met her years ago when I was getting my hair done at Marsha Robinson’s beauty. Her vibe was so pure and ever since I have taken a serious liking to her, she has build an empire from the ground and is still building it.  Last year she disappeared from social media and rumors swirled all over, she made her comeback to Instagram and told her side of the story.

She had a run in with the law and she handled it like a boss, she told her truth and explained that you can come back from anything if you are willing to put in the work. Check out the podcast below, I promise you will walk away inspired. Let me know what you guys think, I got a microphone and changed the editing software I was using. The audio from the interview is still a little glitchy, but we are only gonna get better babes.

Shana Instagram Here – Check Out The Shana Cole Collection Here

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