Real Girl Style and Natural Hair – Keeping It Casual

February 26, 2019

When I tell you that Life has been hitting me hardcore I mean Im getting hit sis. I am finally realizing that I am just one person who wants to do everything and that is just not possible. I have taken a pretty noticeable step back from my online platforms to enjoy people some more and life. I think balance is key, this Sunday I went wine tasting with a friend who is also from Jamaica with a big group of girls I met through a mutual friend. It is so refreshing sometimes to be in a foreign land and be around people from the same walks of life as yourself. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable, because there is someone else who also understands. I have been rocking my natural hair hard since I got my haircut last November, I’ve been experimenting with different products and different ways to do my hair and so far I have found a few things that have been working, one of the main things is just plain old water. I realize the less I do the better my results, speaking of less my personal style is very minimal as you guys already know, less is more for me. I wore these high waisted nude colored pants I purchased from New York and Company a year ago, along with this little cami I got in Forever 21 and a thick knitted cardigan that is no longer available from Urban Outfitters. I am literally obsessed with it, when I originally put these all on I had no idea it was going to work, since the nudes were all different. But I put them on and fell in love with the results. I tried to find similar items to what I’m wearing for whatever is no longer available, have an amazing week love bugs.

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