The Secret of Making Every Outfit Incredible

January 22, 2019

Have you ever seen a girl in your local town who is wearing an outfit similar to one you have? Have you ever wondered why she looks great in her but on you it looks plain and ordinary? It is nothing to do with designer brands; it has nothing to do with hers and your figure. It is all down to wearing the right accessories, which can change a boring outfit into something stunning. This is an art that some lucky people have perfected, and others still need to grasp.

Accessorizing well will not only make your outfits look amazing, but also you will not have to spend so much money on new clothes as you can make the most of the ones you already have. The great thing is that accessories do not have to cost a fortune, and you can buy many of them for a very few dollars.


Of course, to some extent, it depends on your outfit as to the type of jewelry you should wear. If the garments are full of volume and color you should probably opt for something simple such as a chain around your neck and wrist.

If the outfit is more basic, large earing’s can be a great way to dress it up and long necklaces can look the part too. Then there is milgrain jewelry that will go with practically anything, or of course diamonds, which will never go out of style.

Choosing the right jewelry for the outfit you are wearing is not really that difficult. It will become second nature to know what goes with what, and then you will never be without some.


Tie a belt around a shirt or dress and suddenly it will look like a different garment. Belts come in all sorts of widths and styles and having a few of these to hand is a great way to accessorize.

Just imagine a white shirt worn loose with a pair of black dress pants. Looks great, but add a wide red, soft belt and it looks stunning. This is a trend that has never gone away as t is so simple and yet can be so effective.


Scarves are without any doubt the most versatile of all accessories. They come in many different materials, patterns, and colors and you can wear them in an endless number of ways.

Scarves look good as they are traditionally worn around the beck, but you could also wear them around your waist, hanging from a belt, or maybe on your wrist. They can add interest to a plain outfit or tone down a bright one. You will never run out of ways to use a scarf.


If you are off shopping an across the body bag is best style decision you could make. It will not get in your way while you are browsing around the stores and your valuables are safer in a bag of this type. With handbags, it depends on how many things you need it to hold as to the size it needs to be. Do not carry a huge one with you if a small one would have done the job.

Handbags are much more susceptible to being robbed, and when you are walking along the street you should carry them away from the roadside. This will stop the opportunist thief that may ride past you on a bicycle.


Hats can be a problem if there is a high wind and you spend half your time chasing it down the street. However, apart from this scenario, they are a great accessory. Just take a dress out of your closet that you have not worn for a long time and team it up with a striking hat. An eye0catching hat can turn the simplest of dresses into a wonderful new outfit.

Nothing will have more effect as a sole accessory than a well-defined hat. They do not have to be ones with wide brims. There are baseball caps, beanie hats, visors and a whole range of other things for your head.


The one thing you must remember with shoes is that the most important thing is comfort. It is no good wearing a pair of shoes that look great if your feet are going to hurt you all day. Don’t buy heels that are so high you cannot walk in them either, as that will just make you look silly rather than stylish.

If your feet scream out for flats, there is no end of styles and colors you can buy them in. Or it could be that you prefer a chunky heel. It is great if you can wear stilettoes that are four inches or more, but not too many women can.

Boots can change the look of an outfit, whether they are trendy ankle ones or boots that reach your knee. With all footwear, it is better to have several pairs of standard ones that to splash out on just one pair of really good leather. If a pair of shoes or boots has cost you a lot of money, you will not want to change them at any point. If they were not too expensive, it is much easier to buy some new ones when they wear out, or to have several pairs to choose from.

Learning The Art Of Accessorizing

Accessorizing is an art and it is one you will learn as you try out different things. You will probably make mistakes to start with, but don’t let that make you give up.

Remember not to wear too many different types of accessory at the same time as then it will all look a mess rather than stylish. One or two main accessories is usually enough.

Buy pieces that are fun and reflect your personality. Accessories are not always the right thing just because they are expensive, so keep an open mind and look in places that are not perhaps you would normally expect to find them. Markets are usually a good option for reasonably priced items, and they can be very different from what you buy in the stores.

………. Love Kristen

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