Style Doesn’t Need To BE Expensive – FemmeLuxe Collab

January 28, 2019

How excited am I that I got to do this collage with Femmeluxe Finery. I got to check out their women’s dresses section and fell in  love with everything on their site. Ok the truth is I love wearing black, white and grey.  I have recently ventured off into brown and I don’t know what took me so long. I honestly feel that if I stick to darker colors even when I’m buying trendy more affordable pieces, I can get way more bang for my buck.  The four pieces I have in this blog can all be dressed up and dressed down, they are beyond affordable and not too trendy.  I got all pieces in a size 8 but I wish I had gotten them smaller, I found the size 8 to be a bit big on me.

The Sweater Dress – What I love about a black sweater dress is first of all its black, hello! but also I can wear this to dinner with stilettos, to work with sensible heels or pop on some white trainers for a more day time errands on the go look and all of those options would turn heads.  Also a sweater dress doesn’t require a specific body type, anyone can wear it and I don’t care what you think. I have never seen anyone look bad in a sweater dress and I know a lot of people and they all wear sweater dresses.

The asymmetrical body con –  I love anything that shows my shoulders because I’m extremely small breasted lol, and love showing my shoulders. To make this look pop I will add bronzer to my collar bones and shoulders and literally walk into the room dripping in gold. I do like how this dress gathers at the sides for a flattering fit and even though I don’t mind the tie detail that comes at the front, Im not in love with it but you could always cut that off and no one  would even realize. This honestly is a dress that could easily become the little black dress you throw on all the time. You never, ever go wrong with a black dress trust me, and once again this dress will work with many body type.

The Layered Dress – This is by far my most favorite piece it’s so dramatic without being too dramatic and I love that about this piece. I paired it with a belt to help bring some definition because I found it was a little big on me. That’s the secret when pieces are too big on me, I always, always belt them for a more put together look. You could also throw a denim jacket on top of this and trainers for a day time look and if you’re really trying to get more out of this look, wear it with some skinny jeans. There are endless possibilities.  Sometimes I  stand in my closet  and I  literally try on all my clothes and mix and match them. I used to see my mom doing that when I was a little girl. So whenever she is going out, she is never  wondering what to wear .  Also you guys know I live for that leg action right, ughhhhh I love a good leg split.

The Perfect Knitted Number – This is perfect for work, When I pulled this out of the packaging I said to myself yes this will work perfectly for a day in the office slaving away in-front of my computer but looking fabulous the entire time. I love the two tone design and I would typically not go for this kind of look but something about this grey and white number speaks to me and I had to have it. I wore this one without a belt for a more relaxed look, and ankle boots I got so many compliments that day. Im sorry but sweater dresses are winning for me this year.

All in all, I tried to actually wear each piece so I could give you honest feed back on whether or not I found these pieces wearable and they are. The quality isn’t bad and, FemmeLux prices are so reasonable I spend more money on Chai Lattes in one week, than I would on two of these pieces combined. I will definitely be wearing my pieces again. Don’t let social media lead you to think everything should be worn once, or that everything has to be super expensive to look good. Style has no price, just a vibe. To check out more from Femme Luxe Boutique click here. Have an amazing week loves.

xoxox Lauren

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