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Steering Your Overseas Driving In The Right Direction

January 29, 2019

The whole purpose of travel is that it frees you. Nothing helps you feel like you’re spreading your wings than actually spreading them. When you reach a new destination, you can shrug off the shackles of your life and enjoy the freedom of exploration. At least, you can if you get a hire car.

Let’s face it; navigating new destinations using taxis and public transport is restricting. When you go about things this way, you may be limited in where you can go. Not to mention that monetary restrictions mean you’d have to pick and choose locations. By comparison, hiring your own transport could both save you money and see you going everywhere your heart desires.

Of course, driving overseas isn’t easy. No matter how adept you are behind the wheel, it’s sure to come complete with nerves. One thing’s sure; you’ll never feel comfortable on those foreign roads unless you…

Hire a vehicle you know

Popular car models tend to be universal. They may have some differences or even have the controls on the other side, but they’re the same vehicles. So, get picky about which car you hire. Hiring something you’ve never driven before means giving yourself more to learn. Instead, look out for vehicles you’ve got experience with. The chances are that you’ll be able to find something you’re at least half familiar with if you search for it. That familiarity could work wonders for building your confidence, on even the least familiar roads.

Read the rule book

Before you drive in any new country, it’s essential you read the rule book. Or, at least gather some idea about the rules of the road. These vary everywhere, after all, and can form the crutch for your driving journey. As long as you know that you’re playing by the rules then you can rest easy. Doing everything the right way can even keep you safe. If you’re then involved in an accident caused by someone else, your research ensures that you’ll be able to get the most from your car accident claim. Lucky for you, most countries post ample information about driving online. All you need to do is get searching well ahead of your trip.

Make sure your insurance covers you

Insurance is any driver’s best friend. It’s that reassuring hand on your shoulder which saves you from any financial burden. But, few insurance policies cover overseas driving as a rule. That’s why making sure you’re still covered is the last way to settle your nerves. First, look at your current policy. It may be that you’ve already got cover, or that you can add it for a small fee. If not, look into overseas driving insurance which can save you, no matter what happens on those roads.

These may all seem like simple steps, but they can make a massive difference to your hire car experience. Get this right, and you could even find yourself with a driving bug to last through all your future explorations.

…… Love Kristen

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