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These Are The Rules Podcast Episode One is here!!

December 25, 2018

Still working out the kinks of this very brand new podcasting life, that I am excited to embark on  bare with me as we figure this out together. I wanted to jump right into todays topic and give you a brief summary of my first episode.  If you watch my vlogs you would have already known, that I tend to rant a lot, yes I admit I’m a ranter. I use the term ranter loosely because I’m not just mindlessly cussing. Typically my rants have a moral and and can be a great lesson for anyone watching.  I have been blogging for years but I realize it was easier for my followers to digest information in a video format as no one really has the time to do much reading these days. That’s when the idea of a bi-weekly podcast came to me. When I mentioned it in a Vlog many of you agreed, my first podcast should have been released weeks ago but a few hiccups got in the way.

In this episode I tackle a message I received from a complete stranger on Instagram.  I try my best to respond to all comments and DM’s, as I believe if anyone took time to message me its the least I can do. The need for complete strangers to throw their negative opinions on you and then say oh well you’re a “Public Figure” is one of the most annoying things ever and I wanted to discuss this.

People genuinely believe that public figures, celebrities, popular people and famous people deserve to be dragged. The public believes that if someone is popular then their personal life should cease to exist and that they the public should know everything.  Right away you already know for someone like me who doesn’t post family members, babies or spouses on my socials is very upsetting for many. Not that anyone cares about my family members it’s my husband they are concerned with, lets just be honest. People create a version of you based on what they see through pictures shared on social networking sites, they come to conclusions based on the person they watch on tv, sometimes just seeing you once arguing with your bank on the phone leaves a permeant impression in somebodies brain and they think they know all about you.

I once read that gossip is the high price we pay for being popular.  Let me be the first to tell you, it’s the highest price I have ever paid for anything. When a complete stranger is mean to you for no reason, it literally makes you want to shut out the world and  not even bother being nice.  The world has become so fickle you have to think twice about what you post because even if on the surface it doesn’t seem offensive there could be something offensive lurking in the background. You have to think does this post make me look braggy, instead of inspiring some could I just be fostering jealousy?

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    Lauren u are inspiring listening to u feeds my mind i love you ❤❤❤

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      Thank you so much

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