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You Don’t Need To Break The Bank To Be Festive

November 23, 2018

The festive season is only a few weeks away.

Christmas markets have started to appear in most cities.

Your favorite coffee shop is offering seasonal flavors – from gingerbread syrup to candy cane mixture, to name the most popular flavors – to top up your morning brew.

Even your grocery store has started to pile Christmas offers in the aisle. However, more often than not, the offers focus on the rebranding of a typical product, from biscuits to shower gels.

And, if ever you’ve managed to avoid the fashion trend that is taking over the workplace, there’s an ugly Christmas jumper waiting for you somewhere!


In short, everything during the Christmas season is designed to make you buy more – and ultimately spend more too. Unfortunately, the commercial high street is slowly but surely transforming the spirit of Christmas and putting millions of Americans at risk. Indeed, you need to accept that your festive budget is limited by a variety of factors. Can you spend less and still create magical memories? The answer is yes, here’s how to make it work!

Minimal effort, maximum results

Sequined dresses. Golden tops. Sparkling trousers. If there were one word to describe the typical Christmas fashion, it would be OTT: Over the top. Indeed, every year, more and more holidaymakers are tricked into buying a party outfit that they will be able to wear only once in their lifetime. For anyone trying to budget for food and presents during the festive season, the purchase of a single-use outfit is not just a lot of money, but it’s also a financial waste. You’ll find that a minimalist approach can be a lot easier to sustain but also significantly more effective. Keeping your style low-key doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your best, though. On the contrary, if you want to buy something special for the occasion, you can take a look at this website; has a selection of maxi dresses that are perfect for a cozy Christmas party. Because they come in casual and stylish shapes and colors, you’re more likely to wear it again during the year.


It’s about the people

What you need for the holiday is a family reunion with your relatives. Getting together and spending quality time with the people you love is what Christmas is all about. More often than not, it’s up to the one with the largest house to organize, but if you are worried you can’t get everyone under one roof, you can take a look at local venues. Hiring a reception room can be a cheaper option than piling up food and inflatable mattresses in your home!


Avoid the stressful Christmas debt

Last, but not least, as you prepare for the celebrations, you need to keep an eye on your expenses. According to, most Americans rack up more than $1,000 in Christmas debt. Therefore, you need to focus on the things that matter. Spending quality time together is more important than standing out in an expensive outfit, for instance, or overspending on presents. You’ll find that the little things can go a long way, such as a homemade gift.


The bottom line is not to fall into the commercial trap of Christmas. It’s never about how much it costs. Instead, it’s all about enjoying moments of togetherness.

xoxox Lauren


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