How To Survive Thanksgiving If You Don’t Eat Meat!!

November 19, 2018

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This will be my second Thanksgiving not eating meat and I haven’t found it to be as horrible as the idea itself sounds.  As someone who doesn’t eat meat one the most annoying things can be. the questions that follow your declaration of being a non-meat eater.

“Oh my God what do you eat then”

“That’s crazy, I need meat I could not do without meat”

“So like how does It work when you’re at family get togethers,  or go out and stuff”

So many questions.  I understand of course that people are curious,  but we are light years passed when being vegetarian was new and full of wonder.  I thought It had lost its new kid appeal and by now more people should be versed on the subject.  Whenever I am met with the comment I need meat, I always say “that’s fine no one is stopping you from eating what you want”.

My husband still eats meat so when I prepare Thanksgiving and most times when I cook I prepare two meals.  It sounds tedious but it really hasn’t proven to be that much more work.  I make the same sides just meat for him and my non-meat substitute, so instead of looking at it as two meals. It’s like making a big dinner with a few different side options. The main focus on Thanksgiving is the turkey but other than that there are plenty of other dishes you can enjoy.  This year I bought several packs of Gardein Turkey slices with gravy, (if you follow me on youtube you know I am obsessed with this plant based meat company).  I made everything like normal, I even make a turkey because contrary to popular belief not all plant based eaters are trying to get the rest of humanity to conform to our way of life.

Don’t be afraid to bring a dish wherever you end up, I find that people enjoy vegetarian food if it’s done right. I like to call my food: meat eaters vegetarian, because I tailor it to a meat eaters preferences and that way everybody wins. I love seasoning, so I season my fake meats or tofu like I would meat.  The other traditional thanksgiving dishes are enough to fill you up, Sweet potato casserole,  I add a ripe banana to mine.  The Mash potatoes if they aren’t loaded with bacon, sauté veggies ( I like to make veggies, heavily seasoned with butter and the works).  The macaroni and cheese is a winner depending on whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, and lets not forget baked or grilled corn on the cob.

For a quick holiday dish you can prepare at home and take with you that even your aunt who hates everything will love. This is one of my personal favorites, Sautéd Veggies For People Who Hate Veggies.

The thing about Thanksgiving if you’re not having turkey is you really get to appreciate all the sides. Like no joke, turkey is great and all I mean if you like turkey but the sides have been under appreciated all these years.  I’ve seen some really amazing creative side dishes and I think it’s time we started appreciating them more. I have always personally preferred chicken and ham to turkey, however when you’re in Rome you do like the Romans. So I ate turkey but if I’m being honest it wasn’t on my top five.

Comment down below with some ways you have survived Thanksgiving, some new ideas you have and favorite foods, Meat and non-meat options.  Have a great holiday and remember we are going into the season of giving.

xoxo Lauren

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