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A Luxurious Timepiece Made Entirely of Wood

November 16, 2018

A Luxurious Timepiece Made Entirely of Wood

I said Made entirely of wood but if I’m being accurate it’s more 90% wood for those of us who want to be technical. I have seen Jord (pronounced Yode) watches in my instagram feed before, hmmm this is cool I thought. The more I saw it the cooler it became and I’m excited to say it’s even cooler in person. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m a “packaging” type of person, and Jord did not disappoint. From the shipping box, to the beautiful humidor wood box that clasps magnetically to hold this beautiful watch, I was impressed by all of the small details that they did not ignore. My watch came with the collector’s edition humidor cedar watch box, cleaning cloth and Jord preserve custom-formulated wood treatment gel. The box even has a little drawer you can store your gel or small jewelry, just about anything your heart desires as long as it fits.

There are so many different designs to choose from there is a watch for everyone. I have always been a watch girl and love wearing watches, I will not leave the house without one. These days I can always be seen wearing my apple watch, however I do like a nice watch when It’s time for special occasions, as my bulky apple watch doesn’t seem to always fit in with my fancier dresses. The watch I’m wearing is the Frankie Zebrawood and Navy (Put link to watch here) . The Zebrawood is a native of West Africa and as you can see its natural multi-tone has something to do with its name. It has a natural coarse texture and open pores, with grains that are wavy or interlocked. It is considered a luxury hard wood and is not very common.

I wore this watch everywhere for more than a week, I even wore it to the gym once just to see how I felt about it. Though I would not recommend wearing it to the gym, because it is made of wood, being continuously exposed to water or excessive sweat can damage the exterior of the watch. After all it is made of wood. The first thing I noticed was how light the watch was, so light that I forgot I was wearing it, typically when I wear my metal watches a little loose they annoy me with gravity pulling it down my wrist and me in return constantly shaking it back up to a desired position further along my wrist. It had not occurred to me how much the system annoyed me until I wore my Jord watch and realized that life did not have to be so heavy all the time, lol. I love the blue watch face against the wood and the large round face, It looks so good, my husband has even said how much he likes it and would wear it to work since it’s such a light watch. The watch is unisex and can be worn by men and women, they have men,men, women and unisex watches. I like a bigger face on a watch even though I have very small wrists.

Am I happy with my watch? I am beyond happy, would I recommend this watch 100%, do I think it’s worth it. I am a woman who I am sure by now you all know appreciates quality and I do believe that you get what you pay for with Jord. Every single detail is meticulously thought through, from how easy their website is to navigate, to the shipping and packaging all the way down to the watch itself. Jord has impressed me, I think this would make a beautiful gift to yourself or to someone else. I will be updating you later on as I wear this watch and it ages over time. I think in about two months I should be able to say more, but for now all I can say is I am in love with this beautiful wooden watch.

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Xoxox Lauren

(This Blog Post is a collaboration with Jord Watches)

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