Business Casual – Black Denim & Tan Blazers

October 10, 2018

Black denim high waisted ankle length skinny jeans, I honestly never ever thought the day would come when I would be caught dead in anything ankle. I always thought because I had really long legs I needed to stay away from ankle cut. Yet this season I find myself actually buying a few pieces cut at the ankle. I stepped way, way outside my comfort zone and I actually really like the results. When it comes to styling pieces that aren’t traditionally office looks for a lack of a better term, I stick with neutral colors. In my head anything can be styled for the office if you get it in black, grey or tan, well almost anything, cause you know some things are just inappropriate. I did get my skinnies from Zara they were around $39. However I wasn’t able to link them here, so I linked something very similar, well to be fair I wasn’t able to link the exact pieces for anything I’m wearing. However I found similar pieces that will give you the look and to be honest I prefer some of the linked pieces to the ones I’m actually wearing. Are you loving my cooperate OOTD’s please comment down below and let me know.

xoxox Lauren

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