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A Girly Brunch – Hosting My First Bumble BFF Event in San Jose

October 29, 2018

Excited is not the word to use when Bumble reached out to me a couple months ago and asked me to be a City Rep, I was honored.  When I first moved to California I was determined to have different results than the last place I lived.  I told myself I was going to make friends and this was going to be a good thing. I remember googling best app to find friends for people who move a lot and Bumble came up and at the time I had no idea it had a dating section. I met one of good friends on there and we are still friends today.

A couple months ago a rep from the company  ask me to come on board and help spread the good word and I said obviously yes.  This past Sunday I hosted my first Bumble themed event it was small brunch. Where I introduced a few girls to each other, we went to one of my favorite bakery/cafe Paris Baguette and we honestly had a really good time. Everyone associates Bumble as being just another dating site but it’s not. There is a BFF side where you meet friends to hang out and there is a Business section where you can link up and collaborate with other professionals in your area. The best thing about Bumble is it was founded by a woman, and women have to make the first move. Can you say YES! My first Bumble themed event was a success,It had everything needed for a successful meet up, goodie bags, macaroons and French pastry.  We exchanged stories about meeting people online and the importance of girl gangs. You all know I believe in the “Girl Posse”, it has been so necessary to my development. I think I have an advantage over most girls because I went to boarding school, we had no parents, no family, we hated 90% of the teachers, so we only had each other. I learnt about periods and tampons from my dorm mates.  I learned about the annoyance of yeast infections and why it was important to make sure your underwear was dry before you put it on and wear all day.  You get the point, I believe in the sister hood, no matter how many negative comments other girls leave under my comment sections online. I got mad love for you all.

October has come to an end pretty much and it has been a quick, but amazing month. I am looking forward to everything that is coming with November.

xoxo Lauren

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