Your Favorite Art Teacher OOTD

September 28, 2018

If I was going to be a teacher I think I would be a cross between an Art teacher and a Math teacher;  because even though I’m really bad at math and don’t draw anymore.  Both stereotypes embody my style and the way my brain functions sometimes and Im super excited to be sharing more work looks with you guys.   I think work place attire can be so tricky, We have all failed at it at some point, I used to be really, really bad at it. For some reason business clothes just seemed boxy, and sloppy no matter how you put them on. But these days I feel a lot more confident and it has been a domino effect from seriously just streamlining my closet and getting rid of a lot of pointless pieces.

My closet these days has a lot of neutrals, my blacks and greys make up the foundation of my outfits, my classic blue skinny jeans keeps me current. This is my recipe for a put together look, I like to mix extremely affordable pieces with what I consider to be basic designer items. I try my hardest to stay away from too trendy pieces, or I at least wait until it’s been out for a while so I can see if the style is worth investing in or not. When it is necessary I prefer investing in quality pieces, even if it means saving for a little while. Quality is also not necessarily designer or flashy, quality is literally quality and sometimes it comes with a price tag. I’m willing to pay that price if it’s a timeless piece I intend to have forever. With work depending on what it is you do and no matter how chill your boss is, I always say keep it professional but have fun. I shouldn’t be wondering if you’re going to work or going to the club (unless you work at a club). For me personally that means: keeping a strict color scheme and monochromatic minimal pallet, that can transition and interchange with each other seamlessly. If you’re loving my work looks don’t forget to pin your favorite images to Pinterest.

xoxo Lauren

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