All Black At The Brunch

September 1, 2018

Summer is coming to a quick and drastic end and that means everyone is leaning towards darker colors. Winter Is a very dark time for me, the days get shorter, there isn’t a lot of sunlight and it’s cold. Even though I know we have to pass through Fall first, it’s all the same for me. However I have been finding black fun these past few days, yes it’s like I have reignited my love affair with black and it’s my happy color again. These days I’m loving short hair it’s so chic, I feel like short hair right now really makes a woman stand out, I know the really long straight weaves have been in but I have not been feeling that look. What have you guys been into and what trends are you taking into the changing season. As usual I have linked what I’m wearing below. Also I wanted to add, I took these picture and didn’t do any form of editing with them, I have always been very minimal with editing and when I first posted looks I just uploaded them straight from my camera or phone. I want you guys to see authentic images, because there are so many doctored images on the web.

xoxo Lauren

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