The Unseen Struggle – Inspiration Mondays (Late Post)

August 11, 2018

I just want to say this before I get into the meat (or Tofu) of this post that, you can not level up or make the transition necessary for you to be successful or enter the next step of your life if you surround yourself with the wrong people. That transition needs certain things to survive, it needs support.  I never understood why rich people could be so rude sometimes, or seem all around unapproachable and I am in now way close to rich but I’m started to figure out why they might appear so.

You work your ass off for years (most of us, let’s be honest) You fail, you get demotivated then you pick yourself back up and you go again.  We all work hard in some way or another regardless of what it is we do (even criminals work hard at crimes, it’s wrong but you get what I’m saying).  When strangers come at you for how you spend your money, or how you choose to spend or even insinuate that you shouldn’t be able to afford certain things.  To be honest it turns you into a bitch, it makes me so angry that people would even be concerned about how I choose to spend my own money.  I’ve seen comments where people say things like there are people out there dying and you choose to spend your money like that?  Don’t get me wrong I always say I will be my brothers keeper and I will be my sisters keeper, but I also believe I have a right to my own money.   People are seriously going around offended at what people want to do with their money and I had idea this was a thing or why this is a thing.

As I stated on my snap story a couple days ago, people are really buying into this get rich and be successful right now mindset. So people don’t understand that for every successful person out there and I mean all of them, there are several failed attempts.  Sometimes those failed attempts are at the same thing and sometimes they aren’t.  We glorify the win but we never put the struggle into the public eye and why should we have to explain to people how hard we work.  Life is hard it’s not rocket science that you have to put some work in.  You want nice things? Well you have to work hard, you have to find a way to make those things a reality.  My most recent purchase was something I wanted so bad and I remember it being so far out of my price range.  I used watch Youtube videos with people who had it and dream about buying it, when I was finally in a position to buy it.  It was the most rewarding experience and for people to really sit and ponder about my purchases and question how I’m able to afford the things I work so hard for. I’m going to be honest it makes me very angry and unaccommodating to people.

Anyways that’s my little rant/blog on that. What are your thoughts on this topic.


xoxo Lauren.


(PS Image found in the blog post is not owned by LaurenOLauren, it’s taken from a Tumblr a scanned imaged, scanned by @jpegfantasy 🖨️ taken from “A New Guide to Decorating, by Mary Gilliat)

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