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Ok I’m gonna Try a New 21 Day Challenge – No Music, No TV etc.

August 15, 2018

LOVE BUNNIES!!! I’m doing a new challenge and I’m hoping you will join me well if you want to. I started reading “Think and Grow Rich”, you’ve all heard of this book it was written many years ago. I had it on Ibooks and never got around to reading it like so many books I purchased on Ibooks.  I got hit by a wave of inspiration recently and decided I would give it a go. I’m ready to manifest and set my intentions for the next phase of my life. So for the next 21 days I am making some sacrifices and trying to create  new habits.  I do not watch TV so that wouldn’t be something im cutting out.  So I said ok,  let me try to go to bed early and wake up early everyday for the next 21 days and I will give up music (temporarily) and shopping for new  bikinis, workout clothes, and jeans. I can do this I know I can.

Here’s why I’m giving up music I realize music has the ability to let you feel things you didn’t know existed, it gets into your subconscious and influences you without you even realizing it. The type of music I like also has a lot to do with it, you find yourself believing your living a certain lifestyle that you aren’t or wanting things just because well no real reason, You just want it to say you have it Im guilty as charged.  So I don’t want to be influenced in that way for the next 21 days because I have a plan and to stick it through I do not need the distractions.  I will replace music with inspirational interviews and podcasts and continue using my audiobooks.  My shopping addiction is getting out of hand like honestly how many pairs of jeans do I need,  you might ask just how out of hand, every single week I have purchased a pair of jeans. So for 21 days I want to see if I can live without buying a pair, that includes my obsession with swimsuits, and workout sets.


For the next 21 days everyday I will make a list of ten things I am grateful for, because I have so much to be thankful for.  Yes I am aware of my blessings but I feel like communicating that to the universe on paper will send a clear and concise message that I am happy with what I have and open to accepting my other blessings and maybe even along the way bless others in my path.  Not a hundred percent healed from my surgery but doing so much better, I can jump rope, I can plank and put a little bit more pressure on my toes. My feet have gotten a lot more sensitive and wearing shoes feels like a burden because my feet aren’t quite there yet, some sneakers I can wear I haven’t found shoes yet.  I’ve been feeling a new awakening coming along and I wanted to share this new journey with you guys first as you already know, this is a place where I have always gathered my thoughts. Thanks for all the love and support always. (The workout set im wearing can be found on this link here)

xoxo Lauren

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