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It Starts With Confidence in Yourself – (Inspiration Mondays)

August 13, 2018

Today’s blog is inspired by my favorite pair of jeans, which I am wearing in this post and will list below.  I think confidence is so important, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are good at everything like what so many people think. I think confidence is being comfortable in what you have to offer, and confidence is not rude or puts others down.  On the contrary I believe a confident person lifts others up, it speaks to your level of comfort with your own self when you can lift others up or be happy for people. I get slightly annoyed by people with low self esteem or self pitying  personalities, and by this I mean people who are like this all the time.  We all fall into self pity every now and again and   feel a little less than we normally do, that is normal. It’s human of us, but persons who constantly question themselves and make others feel bad, just by how bad they feel about themselves is really heavy to be around. I realize more than anybody that a lot of people suffer from depression, believe me when I say I understand more than a lot of people.

If you want people to believe in you and treat you with respect, not only do you have to do the same to others but you have to have the necessary confidence needed in yourself. Whatever your insecurities are, just understand that we all have insecurities and no one is perfect even the ones that appear perfect are not. Maybe pick a day when you will truly believe you’re capable of anything and make that day the day you take a risk.  Have an amazing and productive week love bunnies. Be safe.

xoxo Lauren




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