Work Essentials, Some Basic Favorites

June 8, 2018

Guys how long has it been? Too dam long that’s what. I’ve been busy making up for lost time, remember those three years I spent in that God forsaken town and didn’t really go anywhere or do anything because people were so weird. Work takes up a lot of my time these days honestly, getting dressed for work can seem so repetitive. I saw a meme once about the first day of work compared to three months later, I connected with it on a spiritual level.

None the less I’ve been keeping it minimal and incorporating key pieces that will make my outfit pop even though, I pretty much wear a black suit everyday. I wanted to put a few of my favorites in a blog post, a lot of these are pieces I have in my closet that I cycle through.  For work clothes I’ve been sticking to H&M, Banana Republic and the Gap.  I have to wear a blazer so I go for minimal tops that would fall under basics that I can get anywhere to be honest, I dont mind the tank tops from old navy either. Where do you guys like to shop, sound off below.

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