How I Eat And Maintain My Body with Minimal Gym.

June 30, 2018

This Blog is longgg overdue but better late than never.  A couple months ago I did a video on my Youtube Channel about “My Year Without Meat”.  I answered questions from my youtube and Instagram followers. One of the most common requests was a blue print of exactly what I ate in a day. Even though my fitness routine has slowed down since my surgery.  Something that has really helped me is the fact that I got into really good shape before my surgery.  if you’re going to do a surgery that will keep you out of the gym for a while, some good advice from me to you would be to get in your best shape first. Because I was in my best shape pre-surgery and I maintained good eating habits after staying in shape was a little bit easier.  So let’s get started on these details.

What is a healthy meal??

A healthy meal or what you should be having daily looks something like this; Vegetables – 40%,  Protein – 30%,  Complex Carbs 20% and 10% of Healthy Fats. Let’s break this down with some examples we all know what vegetables are so I don’t have to explain that.

Protein –  30%

This is where a lot of Vegetarian and Vegan Newbies get confused especially those wanting to transition into this lifestyle.  We’ve been conditioned to think the only protein we can get comes from meat. Even I thought so for a long time, however contrary to popular belief you can get proteins from so many other sources that don’t include animals.  We don’t need to eat animals to survive obviously or a whole lot of us would be dead.

  • Beans: Lentils, Edamame, Chic Peas etc
  • Soy Based: Tofu, Tempeh
  • Eggs
  • Chia Seeds
  • Seitan
  • Peanut Butter,  Quinoa, Eggs (So much more..)

I love buying plant based meat products from the supermarket Gardein is one of my favorite brands. However if those options aren’t available to you, then you can substitute for any other protein source listed above. There are so many other options you can do a little more research, but for the sake of this blog being not too long I wont go into deep detail.

Complex Carbs – 20%

I eat a lot of carbs, a lot of people recommend staying away from carbs especially if you’re trying to lose weight.  I don’t believe carbs as bad as their reputation proceeds them to be.  I eat rice with every meal, yet people out there swear rice is the devil and depending on your body type and your goals,  and how you are going about achieving your fitness goals that might be true. Trial and error I believe is the key, for me the key to eating carbs is being active. The more active you are the more you can eat (personally this is what I have experienced. Im not a doctor, I am basing this off what I have experienced with my OWN body).  Carbs are best if you eat them within a certain window, carbs give us energy think about that while you eat them. Will you need energy at 11pm at night when you’re binge watching Netflix and surfing through Instagram hashtags.

Some Key Complex Carbs-

  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice
  • Oats
  • anything wholegrain actually
  • Barley
  • Green Peas

Healthy Fats – 10%

Healthy fats based on what I can remember from Biology are those fats that don’t go into your body and clog everything up, you know the ones that just sit there and don’t really go away or do anything. Healthy fats include one of my personal faves, Avocados I will eat this with everything. Raw nuts and seeds, like almonds, chia seeds again also fall under this category.  Olive oil and coconut  oil are good, I mainly use these two for cooking and recently I have also incorporated avocado oil. But if we’re being honest olive oil is my personal favorite.

What Does a Typical Day of Eating Look Like, for me.

This is the question I actually get a lot more, so here goes. Since my surgery and getting a new job I haven’t really been able to keep up with the gym. It may look like I work out a lot but for five months I couldn’t work out, and now that I’m able to go I only go to the gym once a week. I want you to remember I am maintaining and not trying to lose or gain any weight per say.  When you are maintaining something it’s easier than fixing it, if that makes any sense. I have lost a lot of muscle definition if I’m being honest. But all in all I was able to still maintain my athletic physique by paying close attention to the move rings on my fitness watch and sticking to my vegetarian/Vegan diet.

  • 9 am – (Work) No breakfast just water or tea.
  • 11 am – Still no foo keep the fast going
  • 1pm -(Lunch Time) Break my fast with either a massive lunch or something minimal.

I’ll either have a Hella Vegan Bowl from one of my favorite Indian restaurants, which is rice and samosa, loads of chic peas and jasmine rice with sauce. Or if it’s a day where I know I am not going to the gym and my fitness rings aren’t even half way I have a vegan protein shake and almonds. I am obsessed with almonds, I also tend to have a salad on these days too, if I’m really hungry.

    • 3pm – Snacking on Almonds, Protein bars or some sort of natural bar. I will also get an iced chai from Starbucks around this time.
    • 5pm – Around this time I want something sweet sometimes, so I’ll go to Starbucks and get a chocolate brownie or something of that nature. (There is a Starbucks literally next door to where I work and live. There are Starbucks everywhere you look actually lol) I don’t have this every day but at least three times a week tops  I have a craving for something sweet around this time.
    • 7pm – I get home by this time and I usually take my dog for a one mile walk or I walk him quickly and go to the gym. If I’m not up to the gym or the one mile walk. I walk him quickly then I’ll eat dinner around 9pm, depending on the day this might be a protein shake or rice and some plant based meat substitute, then I work for a little on my computer and go to bed around 1am.

That is literally my day on the weekends or sometimes mid week. I’ll have dinner with my friends or brunch and pig out.  I’ll almost always have some sort of egg ingredient when I eat out there is no way around it, chic peas is an obsession of mine.  Fried Mac and cheese is another personal favorite of mine.  I don’t drink soda or high sugary drinks, I’ve outgrown them and to be honest I don’t like them.  Whenever I’m feeling “snacky” I like having  almonds, fruit and nut bars, or some sort of veggie chips. I mainly only drink water, and only at room temperature even on the hottest day, I want my water at room temperature. I hate water and cold water tastes weird to me.

Intermittent fasting is pretty much my secret weapon and monitoring how my move circles are behaving on my fitness watch.  A healthy step count daily for the average adult is 10,000 steps a day I try to keep it there. Anything I might not have answered in here please feel free to ask below. I know my comment section has not been working for a while, but it should be working again. Tweet me @Laurenolauren.

(Click on these links they that are underlined to take you to some of my favorite plant based protein substitutes. Chicken Strips   Beyond Meat

xoxo Lauren

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