A Disappointment is a Hidden Blessing….. #InspirationMondays

May 14, 2018

If I could say that my life is living proof of anything it would be living proof,  that terrible life events can lead amazing life achievements later on. I can now see exactly where God was leading me with  specific experiences and I remember feeling like the world was going to end when that moment was taken from me.  I look around me now and I KNOW I would never had any of these things if I had remained in that moment. It can take up to seven years for you to realize what a blessing that disappointment was.  There is no way of knowing in that horrible moment how grateful you will be later on.  Don’t chase people,  if people, things or places are falling out of your life naturally you have to let them because what doesn’t go now will go later.

There are too many instances in my personal life that I could use as example, but I won’t because I want you to do some reflecting.  You might not have gotten that promotion you wanted, but did you really want to work around people who don’t recognize your worth.  Maybe you not getting that promotions is the shake up you need to go back to school, that shake up will make you uncomfortable and when we’re uncomfortable we act. If you’re going through a shake up right now, embrace it ride it out you’ll lose some people and you’ll probably lose parts of yourself.  However this is important if we want to make it to the end of the finish line,  we have to drop some of the baggage we are carrying around with us or we might not make it.

It’s Monday  some of us are just starting our work week and some of us have already started and  are probably in the middle or our work week.  Wherever Monday falls for you, have a super productive day, even if the only thing you do today is catch up on lost sleep.

Have an amazing week, xoxo Lauren

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