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The Tech War – Should We be Afraid?

April 2, 2018

Happy Monday love bunnies, yes I know this is serious stuff but I wanted to start out on a happier note anyway. A few weeks ago I lost my website, I was hacked and did not have access to my control panel on the back end of my website.  I didn’t realize at first what was happening I was in the middle of writing a blog post and ready to publish it when my publish button vanished. No big deal I thought I’ll just refresh the page and publish but when I refresh,  my page disappeared and there was nothing there just a blank white screen. When I called my hosting company they said It might just be my cache that needed clearing but when the problem continued for another week I knew it was more serious.  People were still accessing my blog and my posts were still there but upon further investigation I realized I had been hacked by someone in Russia. Two weeks  and a couple hundred dollars later I have regained access back to my site.

I’m currently reading this book called Homo Deus a Brief History of tomorrow and it’s the most amazing book I’ve ever read. Well in the last couple of years very few books get this kind of reaction from me.  The book speaks about a tech war being the new war.  Now that everything we do is connected to a server imagine what  an army of tech geniuses could do to a country if they really wanted to.  More than ever money is being phased out and we all use credit cards and debit cards, we never see our paychecks just the foot prints of the money we make. We get paid direct deposit to our bank accounts, then we spend it digitally online, at restaurants and on or bills.  My husband never touches money, he thinks its disgusting.  Here I was completely locked out of my website, it made me think about my digital foot print and how vulnerable I was. This was not my first time being hacked, this was the third time My instagram had gotten hacked and my website was hacked two years ago and I had to rebuild the entire thing from scratch. To make matters worst I have had my digital reputation invaded a couple years back, I had to go to the police and get a private investigator because someone was not only slandering my name online, but they were  attacking people who I followed  and friends including brands I had done work with.  They were sending me threats and the story just kept going around and getting more and more ridiculous. It was a mess the internet is like spider web you can fall in and get tangled.

A big Instagram comedian who I followed lost his instagram late last year and that was his only source of income, when it was taken he had nothing. He couldn’t get his page back and lost a lot of money he had gotten for promotions he had scheduled to go out.  I have always said that even though I blog and do youtube, I still have a 9 to 5. You have to think when someone can destroy what you’ve built in a matter of seconds, what will you have in the background to back yourself up. I have never seen my online presence as my end all be all, it was always an additional thing, just a hobby if you want to call it that It was important for me to have more than just the internet on paper. The two weeks I did not have my website made me do a lot of thinking and for whatever reason this time around I did not panic or worry. I didn’t think about getting it back or losing it. This experience was necessary to prepare me for my next move. Im always in the middle of planning a big move and when I lost my website it was a possibility I had not even thought about. Going forward I will be making a few adjustments because to be fair its expensive to run a website the right way.

The internet has been wonderful in that it has allowed many people to create something from nothing.  However you have to make sure that your life online is not just that, a life online. Your online life I believe should reflect your reality.  If you’re running a business consider the possibility of it getting hacked and you having to start over. Anyone can start a business online but not everyone can maintain and really take that business to the next level.  The internet is just a vehicle it should carry your dreams not house them, because its not a safe place to live lol.

Hopefully this will be the last time I lose my sight so lets get these posts out. What do you guys want too see.

xoxo Lauren (PS thanks for everyone who reached out and encouraged me or offered words of comfort. You are not amazing)

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