The Listening Challenge – My April Goal Is To Listen More

April 14, 2018

Havent blogged in what seems like ages, let me apologize for the hiatus, but Nicki Minaj has returned and I thought it only right that I too make a return.

So as you already know I’m a New Years resolutions type of chic, so every month I have these little mini goals that I aim for. For the month of April my goal has been to listen more, listen to others and lend my ears to those who just honestly need an ear.  We’re pretty much in the middle of April and I have already learnt something from my mini challenge, well a few things actually.

When you Listen You Grow

That sounds really vague I know, but trying to listen to others more has really helped me grow in the past three weeks since I first initiated it. I’ve learnt so much about others and myself just by listening to people’s stories. It’s easy to get caught up in your troubles feeling like you’re all alone and that the world is out to get you but when you listen to others and what they fight everyday. It makes you embrace your struggles and fight too or it humbles you. I always tell people everyone is fighting a hard battle, never ever you belittle another person’s problems just because your’s seems bigger, because a problem is a problem no matter how small. I like knowing that just listening to someone’s problems can make a big difference in their life. Just knowing that someone cares makes a big difference in all our lives.  I have people who are there for me when I need an ear, so I think it’s only right that I’m there for others. When you listen to people and your surroundings you can know how to act, how to move forward. Tupac once said people will tell you exactly who they are but you have to listen first.

Some People Like to Be Victims

During my listening challenge I noticed something else, some people enjoy being the victim. I didn’t realize it before but there are people out there, who for some unknown reason truly believe that the dark forces of the universe have teamed up against them.  Every time you talk to them something is going on, and it’s sad story after sad story.  Their mother in law hates them, their boss is picking on them, their parents think they’re failures and they are so depressed. I listen to it all, I offer some kind words and keep it moving because they aren’t looking for a solution to their problem.  No if you try to offer a solution they will explain why that solution wont help and they’ll add another piece to their sad story puzzle.  They are looking for the next bad thing to get high to. Some people get high off of misery and everyday something needs to happen or they’ll create it. I’ve met a few people like this and it’s interesting to observe.

We’re All One

Yeah, believe it or not we’re all just like each other, put away our race, education, politics and religion and underneath it all we all have an Uncle we can’t stand. I’m challenging you to listen to someone tomorrow, ask a friend how they are doing and let them just talk.

Have an amazing weekend, Love Lauren

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