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San Fran With My Slides and My Fur Coat

April 4, 2018

I love San Fran so this is part OOTD and Travel review in one. While my friend Najeary was here we went to San Fran, we mainly looked around and did touristy things. We had an amazing latte at the place called Weaver’s Coffee and Tea near the Castro District. Please check it out if you’re ever there. Everything about San Francisco is so picture worthy, to the sloped streets, the colorful buildings with interesting doors all the way to awesome people and vibes all around. San Francisco is never a bad idea, we went to see the Chinese New Year parade and even though it was freezing and we wasted a lot of time walking around Castro and didn’t get good spots to see the parade properly. Honestly we had a lot of fun just walking around China Town I bought so many useless things. Najeary got caught up in the fireworks and I wondered through the stores buying silly memorabilia to remember the moment.
These are the moments that make up life, it makes us happy when we’re older because just the memory of it puts a smile one our face. We took the Bart from San Jose to Down Town San Fran and there was a homeless lady on the Bart drinking and smoking and cursing at everyone. The guy that sat behind us was dealing with legal issues and was sure of his alibi, there was so much happening on our commute there. On our way back we got lost three times, but the whole time we had fun.

What crazy adventures will you embark on this year, Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. Have a great week love bunnies.

xoxo Lauren.

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