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Active Is A Lifestyle Not a Trend – Stay Strong Regardless

April 19, 2018

Guys I went to Moonbay with a coworker for the first time and fell in love with nature who knew that I LaurenOLauren would one day grow to love the outdoors. Now while I will never ever go hunting, and most certainly will never go camping, I do enjoy one off days driving the scenic route to go be near the ocean and soaking up the sun. I think it’s so important to maintain and active life while you still can, so even though I might not be able to wear shoes and hiking might be a little difficult for me in slides. I still gave it a try. When my coworker invited me to come with her to a completely new place that I had never been before of course I said yes. 2018 is the year I become an adventurer, this is the year I try all kinds of new things and go everywhere I’m invited to. Im having my very own Shonda Rhimes Year of YES, and it’s been going amazing. I had so much fun, it was so beautiful It’s crazy that I came from a tropical island but never really looked at nature the way I am looking at her now. I guess living in the snow for the past few years and not having access to the beach has really made me see just how beautiful this little planet is. We are so small in comparison to everything that happens on earth and around earth, it’s just crazy to think. So I say all this to say no matter what you’re going through just remember it’s not as significant as you think it is in the grand scheme of things. Do what you can and dont worry too much and always, always analyze your situation and try to ask yourself “Am I overreacting, or is this really going to end me”?

I’ve been loving work out clothes and have tried so many again. Stronger, the brand I’m wearing in this brand is another one of my favorites. The set I’m wearing can be found on their website,

Have an amazing Thursday everyone, please let me know if you’re able to comment people have been saying they’ve been having troubles.

xoxo Lauren


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