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Accepting Your Body & Myself During All it’s Phases

April 15, 2018

It’s been a rough past three months for me, still recovering from the most annoying surgery anyone could ever have. The healing process is taking way longer than I thought, I’ll be back to normal in two weeks I told myself. Three months later and there has been no normalcy to my life. I’m two months into a new job, it’s a field I have never in my life worked in, getting the hang of it and trying to find a way to work out safely has been really hard.  My schedule is all over the place and in the middle of the chaos  my website got hacked I was devastated.  I’ve been having other health issues too that have been slowing me down and due to the limitations happening with my body I have been forced to slow down, for a lack of a better way to phrase it.

I’ve lost a lot of definition and have fallen way off of eating healthy, I’ve pretty much stopped cooking and I eat out seven days a week. I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole and now I have to find a way out or I’m screwed. However while my body might not be where it needs to be and I’m not feeling a hundred percent like myself. I’m learning to accept this phase and understand that my limitations are not bad things. You have to accept the place you are in your life, you can’t be mad at your location. The aim is to get to a place where you will feel better, be better day by day or year by year. However long it takes you as long as you’re moving and not standing still. Sometimes we move so slow that we truly believe we are not moving, we all feel like that.   I feel like  that right now. But I can not let these emotions take me hostage, emotions come and go but the damage they  cause can sometimes linger, so dont focus on your emotions more than you have to.

Najeary and I planned this shoot months ago, I had always wanted a thong bikini. I thought my body would be ready for it. But then life happened, we did the shoot anyway even though I wasn’t feeling my most beautiful and I embraced all my flaws and felt great in the end. Sometimes you have to just embrace you in all your glory, the world is tough already you dnt need to be that tough on yourself. Nothing is perfect, not even perfect

Happy Sunday Love Bugs

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    You still look amazing tho

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