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You’ve Never Had Poke!!! – Food Review

March 10, 2018

I have never had poke before and since my husband and I moved to San Jose we’ve seen Poke spots everywhere. I’ve seen them and wondered if I should try them, just last Monday me and an old coworker went to Pokeworks in Cupertino to try it out. I was even more excited that they catered to vegetarians , which like I said most places in California tend to do that.

Pokeworks is a Hawaiian poke spot that serves healthy food. It’s convenient, compact and quick but it’s not fast food.  Their menu features eight signature combinations, but they also want you to be able to enjoy poké your way! With 3 bases, 6 proteins (including chicken and tofu), and over 20 mix-ins and toppings to choose from.  Im super obsessed with fresh food and you can tell based on their menu that their ingredients are fresh. I mean if it wasn’t trust me with ingredients like theirs everyone would be getting sick.  We were greeted by Derek Wong the Regional Manager who made our Poke bowls for us and since I was a Poke virgin he walked me through and educated me about their ingredients and the end result was pure magic.  I got the Pokeworks classic organic tofu with kale noodle and my friend Genesis got the Sriracha aioli ahi, salmon with sushi rice. We both had their signature Mash, which is a carbonated fruit drink you can rarely find anywhere but Pokeworks and it’s GOOD!!

Over all the atmosphere was amazing and there’s this cute little spot in the back, it looks like descending stairs floating in the air with cushions.  The perfect spot for your Instagram pictures and I know this is about food but Pokeworks has amazing light coming through their glass doors that makes every picture you take perfect.  So if you’re ever in Cupertino or anywhere in the Bay Area, stop by and check it out I recommend it. The one I went to is located in – 10815 N Wolfe Road #104.
What’s a great spot that you’ve eaten at lately comment below.


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