Getting Back Into The Gym With Stronger

March 19, 2018

I haven’t been in the gym for two months due to my surgery and I’m missing it more than the desert misses the rain. Working out became a part of my life and not being able to do it really affected me physically and mentally. Today for the first time I decided I was done with waiting on my body to fully heal before getting back into my routine. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to do anything to hurt myself but I started doing some light at home workouts that didn’t require too much resistance and wouldn’t put too much pressure on my feet. I felt so good at the end of my work out it’s amazing how something so small and simple can make you feel so accomplished.

I love everything this brand stands for. for starters it an athletic wear catering to women called STRONGER what’s not to love. They have some amazing styles and they wear pretty well, the designs all have inspiring names and you can buy them in pairs or separate. What I love is their signature design on each legging, the two black bands that wrap around the leg. This brand literally sends a message of empowerment and courage to women everywhere. The set I’m wearing is called Pompeii and even though I’m not a huge print girl the black and grey has me feeling some type of way. I couldn’t wait to wear it for a work out. My friend Najeary and April and I went to Shark Fin Beach in Santa Cruz, California we hiked down the beach and did some walking. I have the most amazing friends and even though I haven’t been in Cali very long I’ve had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing people. Im slowly working my way back into the gym totally inspired by this brand, just pure awesomeness from their instagram to their designs.

Check them out click on HERE and find them on instagram @Stronger. PS they have this set in pure black and grey and I honestly feel like I need to get one of them. I love them so much, Im wearing a small in the top and bottom but I wish I had gotten the XS in the bottom for a tighter fit.

xoxo Lauren

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