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Does This Thing Work ? | Soniclear Petite

March 2, 2018

We’ve seen them everywhere and all the popular youtubbers have one, it’s the new and exciting way to wash your face and it promises you great skin with minimal effort. I wanted to see if I could fit this into my already cramped lifestyle. My face routine was fairly simple up until last year, I used a cleanser followed it with an exfoliating face scrub or mask then a good moisturizer and went to bed or applied makeup and left the house. For awhile I was using the Garnier overnight peel which was the best thing ever used but then the product got discontinued I don’t know why.

One of the new additions to my beauty routine is this Soniclear Petite brush I received from Michael Todd’s Beauty. I’ve been using it for a month now. The first week I used it, I was like this might be just an additional waste of time. Then the second week I was like maybe it works I’m not so sure, but by the weekend when the compliments wouldn’t stop I said this product has literally changed my skin. Now honestly I can’t see my life without it, over time this product has literally changed my beauty routine and my skin has been glowing ever since.  It’s super easy to use and after a long day of makeup and sun and just the hustle and bustle of life, coming home and watching my face with this leaves me so clean. I literally do not feel like I’ve washed my face properly if I don’t use it Im addicted.  This is not a product that will give you instant results,  I haven’t seen that but over time with continued use I have seen the effectiveness of this little tool.  Of course it’s an extra step in your beauty routine but great skin is worth it.

It’s also easy to use, when you just receive it before using it.  It is recommended to charge it overnight, since I’ve charged mine I haven’t had to charge it again.  The charger is really easy too its a magnet that just sticks to the front of the handle. It comes with a handy dandy travel case so you can bring it with you to sleep overs, road trips and flights.  It’s powerful and gentle at the same time and the most amazing thing it’s for men, women and everybody else yup. We can all use it and all brushes have antimicrobial  protection built in to protect the brush from germs that can live on after you remove all the build up from your face.

I love this product and it is definitely a new and must have to my beauty routine, even though this brush was sent to me it is something I would purchase. I was not paid to do this post nor was I told to say I like it, FYI. Be sure to check out other reviews and if you’re on the market for a system like this give this one from Michael Todd’s Beauty a try, you might fall in love. It comes in a variety of colors, so I got mine in a fun color that makes me so happy every time I look at it while I wash my face.

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XOXOX Lauren

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