When I don’t Know What To Wear I Wear Denim

February 7, 2018

Recently I had to go to the doctor, to be honest I’ve been going to the doctors a lot lol.  I was going to leave the house and I could not find anything to wear as usual. Whenever I can’t find anything to wear I stop over thinking and put on skinny jeans.  Denim is my saving grace and I just can’t talk about it enough, without denim I would be lost and would have nothing to wear ever. I’m currently on the hunt for another pair of everyday go to jeans that can go from day to a glam night out. I’ve ordered a few but many of them fail after the third time I put them on. Below I’m going to list some of my favorite things I like to buy in denim and pieces I think everyone should have in their closet.  Where did you get your favorite pair of jeans? I Haven’t been able to put any real looks together for you guys because of my lack of mobility at the moment. I’m not even wearing makeup in these picture lol, but sometimes I want to remind you that we dont always need to be so glammed up. Have a great week, Happy Hump-Day loves.



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