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Current Skin Care Favorites – Serums & Body Oils

February 2, 2018

I have become quite obsessed with maintaining my skin, a large bulk of my paycheck goes to beauty products these days. These two products I recently received are absolute must going forward and are definitely two items I will be purchasing once I run out. Let me get that out of the way now.

Clarins Double Serum

Dirty thirty hit me last year and since then I have been going out of my mind buying everything that says anti-aging, and I mean everything.  So when I heard about all the benefits this has for aging skin I said sign me up.  I use it twice a day in the mornings when I wake up and wash my face and at night before bed.  Serums do amazing things for the skin we already know they help with retaining moisture and restoring the skins elasticity, which you lose over time.  All these things are benefits of Clarins Double Serum. I’ve been using it for two weeks and I have noticed my skin has a glow, my face is glowing and my complexion is brighter. Clarins Double Serum says its for all skin types and its powered by 20 potent plant extracts that helps your skin with aging and bringing life back into it. Im not a scientist but plants are a good thing. The reason why it’s called a double serum is because it has both a Hydric and Lipidic System. Based on what I can remember from Biology class lipids are oils, mainly natural oils I believe. This serum helps keep your face hydrated which is good for your skin as it relates to aging and wrinkles. It’s a bit on the pricey side I believe but a little goes a very long way and you’re going to love it you definitely get what you pay for with this price tag. This is something I fully intend to repurchase after this bottle is empty. To check it out click on the word HERE.

I am Organic Oil – Grateful

The very first day I used this product I felt the difference in my skin, I applied it after I came out of the shower with my skin still damp almost wet. I poured a bit into the palm of my hands rubbed them together to get it warmed up, then lathered myself up with it. A couple hours later I was marveling at how soft my skin felt, im not exaggerated my skin was so moisturized, I was like wow this stuff is amazing. It can be a little oily though so try to make sure you only apply it to damp skin, if you put it on dry skin you will be slipping away from everyone, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. The older I get the more conscious I get about what im putting on my skin and into my body, what I love about this product is its 100% natural products found in nature which is why it’s so amazing. This product is so great that you can use it in your hair, yes I just said in your hair you can use it as a hair mask or after you wash your hair just a little to seal in moisture. With repetitive over time like most oils it will help limit the use of lotions and creams because it’s so hard hydrating. I have the coconut and Green Tea flavor and also on this bottle is the word “Grateful” each bottle has their own little affirmation words. My bottle definitely hit home. If you guys try this you’re going to love it I promise. There products are non toxic, biodegradable and made with some of the funniest ingredients like honey, avacodo oil, coconut oil just to name a few.  Check it out click on the word HERE

These products were gifted to me by Octoly and the Companies who supply these products however all thoughts and opinions are mine. I DO NOT GET PAID TO SAY I LIKE ANYTHING!!!!! 

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