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What’s in My Purse – Highlighter Review (YSL vs Lancome)

January 19, 2018

I have always been a highlighter girl long before I was a contouring girl.  I used to just wear highlighter, mascara and a little blush with lipgloss and go.  Every now and again I still do that, less is more right?  I was gifted both of these products and quite excited about them because for one, they are two products that have been on my wish list for some time now.  I have always wanted to try the infamous YSL – Touche Éclat Face Highlighter Pen and I’ve heard amazing things about Lancome products.  In my title I said “VS” but its not a competition it’s just coincidental that I got both products around the same time and tried them both back to back.

Let’s start with the Touche Éclat Face Highlighter Pen.  I’ve seen many people refer to this as a concealer but this is not a concealer. It can’t even double as a concealer because the consistency based on what I’ve experienced isn’t thick enough.  It is a brightening pen to brighten key areas on the face that are naturally lighter,  we lose these bright spots when we put on our foundation this is how the whole contouring trend became.  It’s simply just replacing those naturally highlighted areas that are lost in makeup application.  I have the shade Luminous Amber number 6 check it out  here.  There are other reviews on there you can look at as well.   The first time I used it I didn’t think it made a different but when I wore it out and then wore it  again the next day I realized that it did have a subtle brightening effect.  I was used to very pigmented highlighters and bronzers that would give me a dramatic effect. This was different it was a everyday glow that gave you the effect without it being, you know too much.  I put it along my cheek bones , bridge of my nose, forehead and chin, the catch is I put it on after my foundation and after I have set it with powder.  I feel like its more effective if I put in on last. It’s a subtle glow that I use for work because it’s no too out there. It’s no wonder this product has been a cult favorite for more than twenty five years.  However with that being said when I run out I’m not sure if I would purchase another one.  It’s just not a product I can justify having in my makeup kit at the moment.  With that being said with continued use I don’t know if my mind will change and I might end up going back on my word and buying it after all. We will see, I will keep you posted. Would I say this product is melanin girl friendly, I’m still not sure.

The Lancome Dual Finish Highlighter in number 4, Dazzling Bronze can we talk about this amazing glow. I use this everyday and I use it when I’m wearing a full face of makeup and I wear it when I’m wearing no make up and I absolutely love it.  This is a highlighter and not a brightener, this highlights and adds the drama unlike the Touche Éclat , that brightens. Two different products serving two completely different purposes, I pat my brush on the compact instead of wiping it so I can get enough product.  Then to apply it on my face I pat it unto my cheekbones going upward, then blend the product in.  I find I get a much better glow with the pat and wipe as opposed to just wiping. Even though I received this product compliments of Lancome, this is a product I would repurchase again and again I am obsessed with it.  It’s always in my purse, I always carry a highlighter with me these days because sometimes after work we go out and I don’t want to look like I got ran over by a bus. This has become my go to highlighter, I haven’t even used any of my others since I received this one, and I have a lot of highlighters.   This is definitely a Melanin friendly product, Black Girl approved ladies.  Check it out here they have other shades available as well.

In conclusion both products have their pros and cons, but each serve their exact purpose. The Touche Éclat brightens for a subtle natural glow and the Lancome Dual Finish Highlighter, highlights and gives you that reflective glow that is buildable. Which one of these products would you try if you could try anyone, comment down below. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty USA.  Dual Finish Highlighter 

Happy Friday Love Bunnies, xoxo Lauren

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