Business Casual – Emotional Side Note Included

January 10, 2018

Hey everyone first outfit post of the New Year.  Im still getting used to my new camera and getting over an illness that drained me of all my energy. Im almost back 100% but not fully, however I had an interview yesterday and I wanted you guys to see my outfit cause I felt cute.

Also wanted to talk about something that was on my mind the entire day,  how people like to telling others how they should feel in certain situations.  A situation happens and everybody and their cousins  feel the need to tell those affected how they should be acting and I just honestly wish people would stop doing that.  People have the right to react however they want to react to a certain situation especially if that situation is personal to them.  Telling people how to feel is telling them that  whatever they went through is not important and they do not matter and their feelings do not matter.  People matter, and people hurt and if someone is hurting I think we should learn to be empathetic and listen instead of voicing our comments and opinions on matters that honestly we barely understand.

In Trevor Noah’s book “Born a Crime” he spoke of a situation where he was DJ-ing at a Jewish school. He had a friend  who danced really well by the name of Hitler.  Hitler would serve as a hype person whenever Trevor worked a party.  On this occasion Hilter was dancing and Trevor and his friends were shouting “Go Hitler, Go Hitler, Go”. The party halted, the students stopped dancing and the teachers gasped and turn the music off. Trevor and his friends did not know who the original Hitler was and why this was offensive. They thought the teachers were being rude and just didn’t want to see them hyping the party and having fun.  But we all know that the name Hitler is no laughing matter and sometimes situations like these happen too often.  Someone who has no idea who Hitler was and doesn’t know about what the Jews went through would say the teachers were overreacting right?

Moral of the story, you don’t know people’s story.  Have a great Wednesday.

( Also I recored a quick podcast check it out here)

xoxox Lauren

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