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A Honest To God Review – My Pet Backpack from Pet Magasin

January 13, 2018

This post should have been months ago, as you guys now I have recently relocated and moved across the state.  This package came in the mail the same day I was moving out of my apartment perfect timing right, I was beginning to think it wasn’t coming. This was three months ago and let me just go ahead and declare this right now, as long as I am traveling with my dog I am not leaving home without this.

Pet Magasin dog carrier for small dogs is an absolute must, it enabled me to be hands free at the airport.  My dog is extremely friendly and wants to stop and say hi to everyone and that’s awesome but he can really get in the way when we’re lugging a carryon, a small suitcase, iced coffee and running to our gate.  I found using the dog carrier was so much easier, than what I was doing in the past which was carrying him around in my hands.  After a while even a small dog gets heavy, Henry my Maltipoo likes to drop his entire weight on me when I carry him and just relax.  Another plus for this bag is Henry likes it, when we just got to California with none of our furniture or so much as a dog bed for him we opened the pet carrier and he would crawl inside of it and sleep, or most times just hang out.

I also found this easier to use than a dog crate when traveling because this was soft, I could bend it and squish it to fit it a little easier under the seat. Unless your dog is a service dog the airlines insists that dogs even small dogs stay under the seat the entire flight.   I was worried Henry might try to jump out while I was carrying him around but he was extremely calm and comfortable in his pet carrier.  I have this pet carrier to the max, we went on a day trip to San Fran and I used it to carry him around, the only place we haven’t actually used it is to go hiking.  I feel like a lot of people who use this pet carrier use it for hiking but it has so many other amazing uses.

As for comfort, it is very comfortable to wear.  The straps adjust and you can fold and tuck them away when you’re not carrying your dog.  There is even a front buckle along with the straps to keep it more securely fastened to your body. I am in love with this, it also folds down nicely for storage and it has two side areas that open to give your small pet ventilation.  There are even little comparments where you can store your cell phone, leash or any other knick knack that you will need to reach for. A lot of thought and effort went into creating this bag and it shows, the creators thought about everything and after using it for three months I have zero complaints.  This specific design is called the Lambo and its fairly new product you can purchase this item and learn more about the product on their website here or amazon here.


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  • Reply Najeary Bennett January 13, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    King Henry traveling in style & comfort!

  • Reply Nicola-kaye b. January 14, 2018 at 9:52 am

    Cool 👍🏽

  • Reply Dan October 6, 2018 at 9:36 pm

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