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What I learned This Year – (Girl Talk Pt 4 & Inspo Mondays)

December 11, 2017

So sorry I missed Girl Talk yesterday and Inspiration Mondays is a little different today, this post is going up extremely late and I want to apologize.  Had a very busy weekend, and as you might know by now I celebrated my birthday yesterday and took my final exam so as you can imagine.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings I haven’t responded to all of them yet but I’m trying.  Every year around this time I reflect something major happened to me a few weeks ago and it made me really realize how careful I have to be of the energy I put out.  I read somewhere once that jealousy is a weed and you should never water it, I think we all unconsciously water these weeds without even realizing it.  It’s heartbreaking when the one person you expected to be happy for you is harboring ill feelings towards you.  None the less this is a happy blog post and this year I have learned two very important lessons the first lesson is – “Stop making plans with other people’s time”.

Each of us have our own time on this earth to live and do whatever we want,  we unconsciously make plans with other people’s time.   We expect someone to call us at a specific time, we expect them to answer a text message or we expect them to be around when WE think is appropriate or when WE need them.  That’s not fair and that’s expecting something from someone who really owes you nothing.  I stop looking for people to be around years later, I’m enjoying the now with people and things.  Everything is present and I don’t worry about the future I just brace for it, as for the past I use I as a guide but that’s it.  People can only let you down if you expected them not to.  The second thing I’m practicing that I learned this year is how to be loose.

I’m starting to loosen up and allow God/The Universe to guide me, I’m not forcing anything to happen not applying a single ounce of pressure.  In the last couple of months, well pretty much the entire 2017 I have allowed myself to be lead.   If it’s meant to be then I’ll be ready but if it’s not I won’t lose my cool about it.  With my job, with our move to Cali, school , the many different opportunities everything has flowed,  the most recent thing being the connections I’m making.   When I  thought I wanted hang out with a certain group of people and they didn’t include me in any of the things they were doing  I was hurt but it was God’s way of saying “girl these people cant take you to the next level”.   You have to allow God to really guide you and if he’s taking you away from people, then stop trying to wiggle your way back over there.

My birthday was amazing it was super simple and low key, but the enlightenment I received since the month of December has been enough to really humble me. I am grateful for all of you and everything that is going on in my life.  Grateful for the mistakes, the failed relationships, the friends who come and go, the people who tried to destroy me all of it.  It was all worth it.

xoxox Lauren

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