New Hair, Who Diss – More Athletic Looking OOTD’s & Sleek Bun

December 7, 2017

Ok forgive me but I’ve been really feeling this sort of athletic trend that I’ve been doing as of late.  Also it took me two hours but I was determined to get my hair into this low bun without any heat, and minimal products.   I couldn’t believe it was possible.  You wanna know something else it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I can’t wait to start trying more natural styles.  So stay tuned to my youtube channel Here so you can track my progress and fails lol.  This off the shoulder sweat shirt I purchased in H&M and fell in love with it the moment I saw it, they’re selling out quickly so make sure you grab it now before it’s gone.  The leggings were on sale so I doubt they are available but I tried to find some similar ones so you can get the look.

I Went Down Town San Jose the other day to have dinner with my husband and walk around and explore a little since I don’t really get the time.  I keep falling in love with this city more and more. Unfortunately we left the house too late and we didn’t get to do much sight seeing.   So I have to go back another day and I’ll be sure to vlog and take loads of pictures.  Yikes,  the countdown to my birthday has begun guys and im going to admit, I’m not really feeling the birthday vibes  this year, but I am in a good mood so its not a negative. But we’ll chat more on that later,  Happy Thursday. Again thanks for all the support.

xoxo Lauren

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