Daytime Sparkle, Still basking in the glow …….

December 20, 2017

My loves, oh how good it feels to know that I have so many beautiful people who support me. Im back home in Cali and still basking in the glory of the weekend, I’m done Im finally a graduate. I had no idea walking across that stage hearing my name being Called out would be so satisfying. I felt like I finally did something right, I imagined all the naysayers in the audience. My High school Principal, My Prep School principal, my second grade teacher that horrible woman. All these horrible people who had tried to destroy my self esteem and wanted me to feel as if an education was not something someone like me would ever have, bah!

I went for a little day time glam here because I love to sparkle sometimes. I wore jeans to bring the look home, these are one of my favorite pairs at the moment I got them from Levis after trying on a million pairs of their jeans and hating all of them. But this pair is pretty legit and I have the link to the exact pair down below. I sued their sizing chart test to help me find the right size and it was spot on so try that and it should help a lot. I know I’be been missing in action these past few weeks but I was flying back to Cincinnati and I left my laptop at home like an idiot so you know how that went. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Wednesday and again thanks for always showing me love and support.

xoxo Lauren

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