What Every Business Woman Needs But Never Thinks About!!

November 27, 2017

Welcome to part three of Inspiration Mondays, this post is going up a bit late because I am extremely sick.  Im literally sitting at my computer dying and typing at the same time, the drama.   This week we won’t be doing an interview because I didn’t have enough time to edit a new one, so instead I’m doing a post I think is just as important.  When a woman (or man ) decides to become a business woman, there are certain things you should do but, you never think about it.  Let’s go through this list I created based on my observations:

  • Great Quality Photos

This one is the top one, no one wants to be conceited so thinking that you need amazing pictures seems unimportant to you.  In 2018 (the present) image is important, with the rise of photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, we are seeing more and more what the power of an image can do. You can say so many things with a picture that you can barely say with words.  A great profile picture whether it be for your twitter or Linkedin profile is a major selling point.   Over the years I’ve been interviewed and have interviewed so many people and when I ask them for high resolution photos of themselves or their products,  very few of them have any.  Search through Instagram or facebook and look for photographers in your area or check online for students who can do a photoshoot for you at a decent price, don’t look at it as an expense it’s an investment. Also don’t do your makeup yourself, get a makeup artist who can do it properly. This is just as important as anything else you’ll do for your business.

  • A Support System

A lot of the women I’ve spoken to have admitted to having a support system.  Before you go off saying “I’m all alone and have no one”, this person does not have to be a boyfriend or husband.  Sometimes our best friends become our cheerleaders, a grand parent who might not understand the business or the technicalities behind FaceTime can be the best support system.  When you feel like quitting or you just need to hear, “don’t stop, you can do this” these people are our support systems.  My support system is all the amazing women who follow me on instagram and tune into my weekly blogs ever week, believe it or not.  When I feel like I’m fluttering around lost or just not making an impact, I read your comments and that’s my motivation.  Identify your support system and hold on to it.

  • A Tool Kit

This is not an actual tool kit of course, but whatever business you’re getting into make sure you have what you need.  Now a days a working computer is compulsory.  If you’re starting an online business invest in a camera that can get the job done, just incase you have to pick it up every now and again.  It doesn’t have to be a brand new camera, websites like KEH sell great quality second hand cameras that are practically new and come with warranty’s.  You don’t want to buy from some sketch source.   You’d be surprised what using your own models as oppose to stock images of your products can do for your business.   They don’t have to be professional models, again you can hire college students.  Going on a website and seeing the same stock image for the same products, makes me question the site I’m about to buy from.

  • Educate Yourself

Whatever it is you’re getting yourself into get some back ground information.  I love short certificate courses, I’ve don’t several I always recommend people do them because you always learn something you never knew you needed.  As soon as I’m done with school I plan to take a class in graphic design and little introduction to photoshop.  This will help me a lot for what it is I do, and these are skills that always come in handy. Investing in yourself can reap the biggest rewards, trust me.

  • Lay Low Until The Foundation is Built

I believe in keeping your mouth shut until everything is set and the wheels start turning, you could say  I’m a little superstitious.  A couple years ago I was working on a club launch for a new night club that would be opening at the time.  I didn’t tell anyone anything until it was finished building and the furniture was in, not even my closest friends at the time knew what I was doing.  If I had told them it would have given them enough time to tell me it was a bad idea and that opening another club was a waste of time, it would have caused me to doubt what I was doing. By not telling any of them I was able to work in silence and get the job done effectively without any self doubt getting in my way.  It was a very successful opening and branding was extremely efficient. I even had clubs that were open for years concerned about what would happen with this new kid on the block.  Sometimes your best defense is not letting anyone know what you have in your bag.

Have an amazing week, stay healthy its flu season. Next week come right back here I will be talking to Kim Chambers from Girls Are the Plug.

xoxoxo Lauren

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